About Me

  Alright guys...

...And welcome to The Awesome Lady! How are you? I'm not bad, thanks for asking! This is my little corner of the internet, and I can't wait to show you around. Expect lots of photos, adventures, food, hilarity, hopefully some wisdom, and definitely a whole lot of me!

Nice blog, who dis?

Thank goodness someone asked! My name's Rach (or Rachael if we're being formal - it almost always gets misspelled) and I'm a nearly thirty-something gal from Gloucestershire. I wear glasses and I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I'm battling on through. I love photography, inventing healthy recipes, going on adventures, reading books, writing, and exploring life with a childlike sense of wonder. I am quite literally here every day, sharing a snapshot of my life, so you'll never get bored! (Do tell me if you are... I like (constructive) feedback!)

Hey kid, got any facts?

Ooooh, go on then! I am the most curious person alive, which means I love it when people post fact files about themselves! Here are ten facts about me for starters...

1. I'm 6ft tall, so finding trousers is a right pain in the butt - thank goodness ankle grazers are in...
2. I live next to the woods, not IN the woods, but it's close enough for walks.
3. I get right obsessed over bright colours and funky prints.
4. My favourite colour-slash-thing is a rainbow. I love a good rainbow. (Double rainbow! It's so beautiful!) No, seriously - anything rainbow print, I am all over.
5. I can't stop buying scarves - as long as it has bright colours and funky prints! (See fact three.)
6. The seaside is where I feel most at home - especially Pembrokeshire, especially Tenby and the surrounding areas! You know what, I love being in and around nature in general actually.
7. I don't watch much TV at all, and I feel better for it. Instead, I read a lot of books - particularly childrens and YA books.
7a. I also love listening to music - my taste is so eclectic, I can't even begin to describe it. Whatever makes me feel happy is a good start!
8. I've documented every. single. day of my life with a photo since 2010. Project 365, innit! It's part of my daily routine, along with writing and drawing a visual diary every night, and drinking tea.
9. I'm a feminist who stands up for equal rights. That goes without saying!
10. I have collected every single Now! That's What I Call Music album from Now 32 onwards... that's from 1994, people!

So, what do you write about?

Everything's likely to change at a moment's notice, and I hope to branch out and try new stuff and write and create all the things that take my fancy. But, like every good wardrobe, you've got to have your staples. Mine are...

Daily Snap - Where you see a snapshot of my everyday life
Rach Eats... - Healthy recipes and treats which are so easy, even I can do it!
Adventures - I go places, take photos and stick them online!

What do you look like?

Cheeky! Here you go, I even made a GIF... #neverknowinglywithoutsunglasses #alwayslookingsmart

Can we work together?

Always! Have a look at my contact page for more.

The official blog bio

The Awesome Lady was founded in April 2011 by Gloucestershire-born Rachael. The name flew into my brain one day at work and it's stuck ever since! I aim to provide a mix of photography, lifestyle and cracking good food - always accessible, always honest, and always attainable. I don't believe in perfection, only keeping it real! Rachael has worked with brands including Long Tall Sally, Three Mobile, Marks & Spencer and HarperCollins, and is always open to more collaborations. With content updated at least once a day, there will always be something fresh to come back to. And I hope you keep coming back!