Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Rach Eats Lunch: Tomato Bread Soup

Tomato bread soup recipe

Today I am so late it's crazy, so I'd better make this one quick before I scarper off and make my own lunch! Well, today, I have had a break through - it involves baking cookies. For years, I have struggled to make my own cookies that form a shape other than round or squashed-together-rectangles due to overcrowding on the baking sheet. I mean, they still tasted good, but... I really wanted to make cookies that had a shape to them. I had Halloween cookie cutters in the baking box of tricks and I'd never got around to using them. Until last night, when I found a recipe for sugar cookies... Nigella's recipe, if you're wondering. I was so excited I could barely sleep and I found myself making the dough at 8am this morning while listening to Imagine Dragons. (Thunda, thunda, thunda... thunda, th-th-thunda thunda...) But good god it turned out absolutely perfect. This afternoon I get the joy (I hope) of icing them. Wish me luck!

So that makes today's lunch quick but also carby - a classic tomato soup but with the bread already added and ready to enjoy - yes, this is tomato soup, but not as we know it, kids. If you don't like soggy bread, maybe it's best you look away... no, sorry, maybe you should try it!


(Bready for it?)

Serves 1 (but really, you should make it for two!)

You'll need:
250g tinned chopped tomatoes (with juice)
1 tablespoon each garlic, brown sugar, lemon juice
1 teaspoon each salt, pepper, paprika
1 1/2 slices thick wholemeal bread, shredded into bits

1. Grab yourself a saucepan and add in the chopped tomatoes and juice, along with the spices, brown sugar and lemon juice. Stir it up and bring to the boil. Once boiling, pop the lid on and simmer on low heat for about twenty minutes, stirring frequently.

2. At the twenty minute mark, shred the bread (hey, that rhymes) and drop it straight into the soup. Give it a stir and pop the lid back on for a further 15 minutes, allowing the bread to soak up the soup and go all lumpy and maybe a bit weird... which is what we want, obviously!

3. Grab yourself a bowl, and pour the goodness straight into it from the pan. Garnish maybe with a bit of grated cheese, if you fancy, and then devour immediately!

Today's lunch was delicious - it felt substantial (although I think I need maybe a bit more tinned tomatoes, or a smaller bowl) but also so very tasty! Well worth trying in my opinion.

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