Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Rach Eats Lunch: Green Quiche Tortilla

Green Quiche Tortilla recipe

Well, my day has been a bit of a banger so far. I had the task of popping into town, and since my brother was late for an appointment and had no change for the car park, he gave me a pound and said, "Go buy me a can of Coke and you'll have 20p for the machine." One, since when were cans of Coke 80p? And two, challenge accepted. I decided I'd buy us both a cake each from the cake shop. I knew my bro was after a chocolate ring donut, while me, on the other hand, could not decide between an eclair and a Synthetic Donut. (I wrote that in capitals because it's the best name for a cake ever.) So, in between buying that Coke and buying the cakes, and taking both back to the car, I realised we needed to buy our Mum a cake too! I frantically locked the car and went back to the shop, texting the family group chat on the way, "Does Mum like Chelsea buns or iced buns?" and just as I purchased an iced bun with a cherry on the top, I got the message... "Chelsea buns." Damn it. I really need to get to know people better, starting with their preferred choice of cake!

So yeah - today's recipe is going to offset that delicious eclair I ate (although next time, I'm having a Synthetic Donut, complete with strawberry sauce down the middle) - yes, I am making something inspired by something I ate last week. Tortilla cups, but with an eggy middle, like a quiche, except it's green. Of course, it's green. It had to be green. But it's yummy.


(Green eggs and... no ham.)

Makes 2 tortillas

You'll need:
2 wholewheat mini tortilla wraps
2 eggs
2-3 small stalks broccoli
40g grated strong cheddar cheese
1/2 teaspoon each salt and pepper
20g feta cheese, to crumble

1. Start off, as always, by preheating the oven to 180℃. Grab yourself a saucepan AND a small ovenproof round dish. I'm using a camembert baker, since it doesn't actually bake camemberts very well. Looks cute though.

2. Break off the stalks of broccoli and stick them in the saucepan. Pour over boiling water and pop it on the hob for about 15-20 minutes on a medium heat - wait for it to get nice and soft. While you wait, gently press your mini wrap inside the ovenproof dish, making sure the sides are nice and even and it will have a flat base. Just be careful that it doesn't break!

3. Crack two eggs and pop them straight into a blender jug - whizz until smooth and combined. Then drop in the drained broccolli, reserving one of the mini stalks for decoration. Season with salt and pepper and whizz the egg/broccoli mixture up until smooth.

4. Take the lid off the blender and add the cheese. Stir it up, as the broccoli can and will sink to the bottom, then pour the mixture straight into the tortilla wrap case. Add a mini stalk of broccoli in the centre for decoration, then gently pop the ovenproof dish straight in the oven for 35-40 minutes until the egg has set and risen, and it isn't wet or overly wobbly. This one is a bugger to set, I'm not going to lie, as the top will crisp up but the insides will still be wet. Be careful, and be sure to check that a knife inserted into the egg cup comes out clean! (Repeat this step for the second tortilla wrap and remaining egg mixture!)

5. Remove the oven dish and lift out the tortilla, then add it straight to a plate. Maybe with some chips or something. You know... to complement the green stuff. Oh! Crumble that feta on the top to finish.

Best crustless broccoli quiche recipe

Now this, people, is good stuff. It's a different texture to what you'll be used to, due to the broccoli, but it's still utterly delicious. Try it!

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