Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Rach Eats Lunch: Cheesy Baked Oat Bars

Baked cheesy oat bars recipe

Today I got up early, again. I know! It's completely bizarre and even I don't know how I've managed it. It's also the second day on the trot I've got shampoo in my eye, but thankfully not the third night on the trot for night terrors. Well, I sort of had night terrors, but not quite as bad. Is it just me or is there some hidden negativity and anxiety working its' way into my dreams? I'm currently trying a new routine of gratitude in the mornings - thinking of all the good stuff I have and then telling myself what it is I want (what I really really want) as if it's already happened. You're meant to really feel the excitement as you do it, which is cool. I mean, some people might get all cynical about it and say, "I'm not doing that!" but I'm trying it. Anything is worth a try. It certainly makes you want to do All The Things, that's for sure. So... publishing deal, come at me bro.

Okay, so today's recipe is a bit different, mainly because these ideas just come rolling into my head and then it's up to me to make them happen... Cheesy Baked Oat Bars. Yes, these words happened. I've tried the original baked oats before, the sweet sort involving bananas and golden syrup, but not the savoury kind. I LOVED the savoury porridge I made myself a few weeks ago, so why not try a cheesy, grab-and-go slice? There's no added salt, and porridge oats are said to be great for the old heart. And full of energy too. I've also added a cheeky hint of tomato, just to keep the flavour rolling. Have I convinced you yet? No? Keep reading!


(Full of energy, just like me...)

Makes 4 small bars

You'll need:
125g porridge oats
150ml plain soya milk
70g grated cheddar cheese
1 egg, beaten
2 tablespoons red pesto
1 large handful cherry tomatoes, sliced

1. Preheat the oven to 180℃, and line a square brownie tin if you've got one - I'm using a loaf tin because it'll probably be easier to cut into chunks. I need to get a brownie tin! I used to have one, you know.

2. Mix the porridge oats with the milk and allow to sit for a few moments. Grate the cheese into a bowl and pour it into the bowl, then beat the egg and add it to the mixture. Finish by adding the red pesto and the halved tomatoes, and mixing the whole lot together. The mixture will go a creamy orange kind of colour, which is just what we're after.

3. Pour the mixture straight into the brownie/loaf tin, and press it down, making sure it's nice and even. Pop it straight in the oven for 30-40 minutes, until golden. The mixture will rise in volume just a little bit, and it'll form a crust too! It mustn't be wet in the middle, though. Take it straight out of the oven and allow it to cool until warm - this allows it to set.

4. Finally, slice the bars down into rectangular bars and serve on a plate, along with chips and possibly a salad? Damn, I'm hungry right now.

I really, really enjoyed this. It's fabulous, and so easy to make. And it tasted great too! Give it a go, guys!

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