Monday, 16 July 2018

Rach Eats Lunch: Vegetarian Tacos

DIY Vegetarian Taco Recipe

Crikey, how was your weekend? Well. Mine was certainly filled with a LOT of different things - we went out for lunch on Saturday (and ended it with a posh ice cream) and accidentally bumped into two giant Groots - you know, the tree fella from Marvel? Anyway, they were walking down the road and scaring children, and it was rather hilarious and a little bit strange. On the Sunday, we went for a drive out and realised the hot weather was absolutely crazy and I ended up with a bit of sunstroke, I think. Then, on the Monday, we went to the local viewing point - which was higher up than I'd imagined, and since I hadn't been for years I'd forgotten what it looked like. Also, that there were four viewing points. I think my favourite one was the one with the benches in the shade - it was secluded and absolutely perfect. Yes, I think I'll go there again, thanks.

I can't say I've been sleeping that well lately, though - in fact, I've been blighted with depression and anxiety bubbling under the surface, and to be honest with you... it absolutely bloody sucks. I hate knowing what I don't have and even just thinking of it sets me off. I don't know just how much more of feeling like this I can take. The tiredness and the feeling awful. I just need a good night's sleep and a promise that everything will be okay. And money, obviously.

Today's recipe is fuelled by feeling like death warmed over - I want easy food, stuff I can bung into the oven and easily put it together with the minimum of fuss. I also did not know you can make taco shells - the crunchy kind of tortilla wrap - in the oven, so today, we're going to learn all about it. Get your favourite roasted veggies in the oven, and lots of them... and let's try it!


(If you think you've got too much veg, it's not enough..)

Serves 1

You'll need:

1 wholemeal mini wrap
1 large handful diced peppers
1 large handful cubed sweet potato
1 small handful sliced cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon each mixed taco beans and sweetcorn
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon fajita spice mix

1. Start off by preheating the oven to 180℃ and lining a baking tray. Prepare the veggies and pop them in a bowl. Pour over the olive oil and stir up the veggies and sweetcorn to combine, then sprinkle the paprika, salt and pepper over it and give it another stir!

2. Pop the veggies on the baking tray and straight in the oven, on a low shelf, for 20-25 minutes until the sweet potatoes are roasted and soft.

3. Right before serving, pop a wrap on a microwave plate and microwave it on full power for thirty seconds. Repeat with the other wrap and then open the oven door. Using the top oven rack, dangle the wrap through the bars so that it's pretty much bent in half. Cook in the oven for 4 minutes until it's hardened up - like taco shells! Remove them straight from the oven and allow them to cool for a few minutes. Microwave the taco beans in the oven for 2 minutes until piping hot.

4. Take out the roasted veggies and carefully fill the taco shell with the veggies and taco beans, taking care not to overfill! Serve immediately and enjoy.

And with that, we've got lunch. It was super easy to create, and if you're ever at a loose end for taco shells ready for Taco Tuesday, just buy some wraps instead. Easy peasy! Give it a go and let me know!

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