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Rach Eats Lunch: Toad In The Hole Bites

Mini toad in the hole recipe

I've really been thinking about my own mission statement these days. Not in a, "We are one team and we strive for excellence in every way," kind of way. More of a, "My recipes are brilliant, tasty and everyone can make them without burning down their kitchen," sort of affair, really. I mean, I could tell you exactly what it is that I believe in when it comes to creating my recipes, but if you've been reading through my recipes (and there's nearly sixty odd of them), you might get a general picture. It mostly involves simplicity and using up your leftovers. And having a capsule wardrobe of ingredients you come back to again and again, with a few inexpensive accessories that appear every now and then. Oh, have I nearly told you everything? Damn. One last tip from me: be yourself when you write, even if it involves cracking bad jokes. It really breaks the ice.

Now, who likes Yorkshire puddings? *raises two hands* I don't think I can actually last a Sunday dinner without at least two mini ones on my plate. Oh, have I just admitted to that, too? I don't care, they are incredible. We once went to a very popular carvery for breakfast and they actually served Yorkshire puddings with the full English, and it was... well, what do you think? Both genius and a bit strange. Didn't stop me though. Toad in the hole is the cheeky second cousin of Yorkshire puddings (the first is a yorkie with a blob of strawberry jam on top) - it's meaty and really comforting. I thought to myself, "How can I beef (ha) this up some more?" and I think I've got it. You could even triple the mixture and serve them as canapes if you're super posh. Enjoy!

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Toad In The Hole Bites
It doesn't really bite, but it's perfect finger food.
  • 2 vegetarian sausages
  • 60g plain flour
  • 60ml soya milk
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 large handful oven chips (optional)
  • 1 bag microwaveable veggies (optional)
Start off by lining a baking tray, putting the sausages on the tray and popping it in the oven for 20 minutes at 200℃. On a second tray, add the chips if you're using them. Measure out the flour and milk in a jug and beat in the egg. Give it a damn good whisk, and allow to rest. Line five holes in a muffin tray.Take the sausages out of the oven and chop them in three, eating discarding the ends. Drop a sausage in the middle of each muffin space. You may wish to leave a few spaces for plain Yorkies, especially if you want to eat it with a bit of jam. You know, as a pudding. It's a Yorkshire thing, I've been told.Pour over the Yorkshire pudding mixture, just enough so that it covers the sausages, and pop it straight in the oven for 17 minutes. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. Sorry for the all caps, but it's true. Watching Yorkshire puddings cook is better than the telly, so you'll want to grab a stool and watch them puff up and expand.After seventeen minutes exactly, take the toad in the holes out, gently push them out of the muffin tray and serve immediately with chips, microwave veggies and possibly a smidge of gravy. Enjoy!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: Makes five

See that? How easy is that? With that, I'm going to sit down like it's Sunday afternoon. My belly is just so full right now. What do you think? Would you try them?

Mini toad in the hole easy recipe

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