Friday, 8 September 2017

Treat Me: (Vegan) Forest Mess


Uh oh... she's using chickpeas again! No, no, there is no chickpeas here today, just the aquafaba. Today's recipe is one for a long afternoon - the one where you've got nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no dinner waiting to go in the oven. (Um, Mum... if you're reading this... sorry about the late dinner!) I will admit that this recipe is time consuming, mostly spent waiting, so you'll need a comfy seat, a book and a timer to keep you on track. One surprising moment was when I discovered my £40 stick blender had more power in it than my pretty expensive food mixer. Yes, really. That was a shocker! I also had some serious grand designs in mind for how I was going to serve it - I was hoping for a rectangular pavlova, then it broke apart and I thought... well, let's have an Eton mess. Forest style. (aka, no strawberries, and it's where I'm from!) It's healthier than your regular Eton mess because there's no heavy cream or ice cream, and there's a lot of fruit. It's sweet, like toffee or a big shard of honeycomb, and ooooooh... it doesn't half look impressive for an easy pudding. So... fire up your blender, weigh out the sugar and get baking!

Vegan aquafaba meringue eton mess recipe

Vegan aquafaba meringue eton mess recipe

Preheat the oven to 150℃. Add a sheet of baking paper to a flat rectangular baking tray. Drain a can of chickpeas over a bowl to catch the aquafaba. (Reserve the chickpeas for hummus or roasted chickpeas...) In a food mixer or with an electric whisk on high power, beat the aquafaba until it becomes thick, marshmallow-esque cream. Weigh out 150g of icing sugar in a separate bowl and add it little by little to the aquafaba, whisking in the mixer until dissolved. Once the sugar has all been added, whisk the mixture on high until it forms stiff peaks! Feel free to add a tablespoon of icing sugar if it doesn't. Add the meringue mixture to the baking tray, making a thick rectangle... looking good! Bake the meringue for 45 minutes to an hour until slightly golden in colour and completely set. Turn the oven off and let it sit in the oven until it cools! When you're ready to eat it, chop up a handful of green grapes and pineapple for each person. Break up the meringue into bits and add to each bowl along with the fruit. Finish off by drizzling low fat coconut soya yoghurt. Eat immediately. Rejoice!

And I think I've left off on a high with my Treat Me series - I hope you enjoyed following along with my sweet and snacky recipes... I shall see you next week where Rach Eats Lunch resumes...

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