Saturday, 12 August 2017

Life: Making A Rainbow with Go Customized

Personalised phone cases Go Customized

In the last week I've been completely unable to stop looking at my phone - not because of any notifications, but because of my lovely new phone case! Go Customized offered me the opportunity to design a brand new personalised phone case, and I jumped at the chance - choosing a wrap around wallet case to put my own stamp on.

Make your own phone case Go Customized

I spent over a week deliberating and playing around in Photoshop deciding on my phone case design - I knew that there had to be rainbows in there somewhere, but designing a rainbow and trying to create a repeat pattern with it was tricky and I ended up scrapping a lot of ideas. In the end, I opted for my fail safe - stripes! There's even a bit of glitter (in the print, of course...) My phone case design also has that retro Polaroid One Step look to it, perfect as I love photography and nodding to the past.

I'm really impressed with how quick and easy it was to make my own phone case - Go Customized has an easy to use website, which meant it took a matter of minutes to upload my design and have a look at how it would fit together. It doesn't have to be a custom design though - the website allows you to upload a number of photos or even use some of their own patterns and prints! To make sure that the design was fully visible on the case I had Photoshop open in the background so I could tweak it and reupload the pattern - this meant that the magnetic strap was cream and not stripy, ensuring a lovely clean design!

Make your own phone case - Go Customized

After a super speedy checkout process, all I had to do was wait for it to arrive! It arrived extremely quickly - about three days - and I knew I could not wait to tear that envelope open when it arrived at my house. I was so thrilled with the design - it's made of a soft leather material, it's vibrant and the print is absolutely spot on. Inside the case is a plastic bit to slot in your phone, keeping it protected and safe - oh, and there's a card holder too. I've used it to pop in a few of my blog business cards... also the magnetic strap keeps it all together. I know that my phone is fully secure - no more dropping it face down on the floor and worrying about what the screen looks like when I pick it back up! All in all, I am genuinely pleased - if you're looking to make your own phone case I'd definitely suggest Go Customised!

Disclaimer: I received a phone case in exchange for a review - all views are my own. Thanks Go Customized for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

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