Monday, 19 October 2015

Life: Getting Personal With Mr Nutcase!

Personalised phone case

Personalised mugs

Those of you with beady eyes may well have remembered my very first personalised phone case which I had made especially for me by the guys at Mr Nutcase! It really did spark attention; people have asked me about the pictures on the back and the places I've been (with personally-taken photos of the Pembrokeshire landscape, how could you not want to go there?), and, when I needed a cheering up session, I would just turn my phone over and have a look at the pictures on the back! Then I upgraded my phone earlier this year, and that meant my beautiful personalised phone case was left in a drawer. That meant I had a leopard print phone case, which, while pretty, wasn't my photos of Tenby. That made me sad. Until Mr Nutcase stepped in with two amazing things for me to try: a new personalised phone case, AND a personalised mug. That's definitely how you put a smile on a girl's face!

First up, my phone case. I opted for the slimline fit at £14.99. Thankfully, Mr Nutcase has cases for most phone brands, especially for Apple, so I knew I was going to be covered. (Literally!) The phone case designer is also a lot of fun - you could use Facebook or Instagram photos, or photos that are stored on your computer. I decided on the latter and made a big folder of photos I wanted to use, which really helps the upload process run a bit smoother. Then, it was just a case of deciding where all the photos needed to go! Not an easy challenge, by any stretch. Do I put Amroth beach at the top or the bottom? Decisions, decisions. (I picked both, by the way.) I am pleased to say that the case is fantastic quality and the printing is top notch! Best of all, it fits my phone perfectly and keeps it protected. And yep, I get to see my favourite place as much as I like. Oh, the memories.

Next up is Mr Nutcase's latest product, their new line of personalised mugs. It was really hard to pick one. They have pretty much a mug size for all occasions, including a mug suitable for children! As for me, I picked the biggest one they had, which also boasts a sunny yellow trim. Again, it was as easy as picking the photos I wanted and making sure they were all in order! Prices range from between £5-£9, plus a small delivery charge. As for the photos I picked... I went for the finest place in the country... The mug arrived safe and snug in a nice small box, wrapped in lots of bubblewrap, and the quality is perfect! I can't wait to enjoy a cup of tea out of it now!

As always, the service and quality is top notch - it also arrives really quickly through the post, which is a bonus. I'd recommend Mr Nutcase to anyone, especially with Christmas coming up!

Sponsored post: My phone case and mug were provided to me free of charge from Mr Nutcase in exchange for a review. All views are my own!

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