Monday, 7 September 2015

The Daily Snap - 07/09/15

I am mostly trying out a tub of American sweeties I bought in a Tenby sweet shop... And here are my first set of reviews!

Laffy Taffy - weird punchlines of jokes with no question printed on the wrapper, like a really messed up Penguin bar. Tasted nice, but had to Google whether I could swallow it or not. Most of it got stuck in the wrapper which meant about fifty percent of it ended up in the bin! -_-
Dum Dum - a blue raspberry lollipop which tasted really, really nice. Had to Google what this Save Wraps For Stuff was about. Haven't got enough wrappers to send in for a frisbee. Gutted.

I liked the Dum Dums lollies. Think raspberry was my favourite though, although root beer was okay!

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