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Read: Polaroid - How To Take Instant Photos

Polaroid book

Regular readers to the blog know that photography is pretty much everything, and something I dabble in every day, whether that's on my phone, using my DSLR, or using an instant camera. When I was much younger, my uncle had a clearout and gave us his old Polaroid camera - a Polaroid 600 if I remember right. As I grew older I begged my Mum for a Polaroid camera. It was in the late nineties, and the iZone had just been introduced. The one with the mini prints and the sticky backs. Remember those?

Most of us all have a memory or two about Polaroid - whether you owned one, or a friend or relative did, you can't deny how much fun they are. The idea of being able to take a photo and watch it appear before you is incredibly thrilling, and great for impromptu memory making. When the team at Octopus Books asked me if I'd like to read a book about Polaroid, I jumped at the chance. It is a must read for anyone starting out with instant cameras.

The book starts off with a fascinating history of how Polaroid was produced, along with advice and extremely useful information on how to source and choose your camera/film. There's even information on how to load and develop film, something I found fascinating! (I'm used to the film you pop in and leave to develop naturally, rather than peeling back the film and letting the chemicals mix together!)

Next up is a section on composition - if, like me, you already know a few things about photography and composing a fab photo, this section provides a great refresher. If you're new to photography, it will provide you with loads of tips and inspiration! The book also describes some fantastic ideas for a series of photos - I personally enjoyed the idea of a Polaroid photo within a photo, something I have to try! - as well as mood boards and brilliant projects to help you display your images.

My favourite section of the book had to be right at the back - mentioning every Polaroid camera ever made. I especially liked the Legoland camera. Polaroid now makes digital cameras that provide instant printing - the Socialmatic looks like tons of fun!

I loved this book - the design is very retro and the product photography really sets the mood. I felt extremely inspired after reading this book. I'm ready to go and dig that Polaroid 600 out of the attic and bring it back to life! Wish me luck!

Polaroid - How To Take Instant Photos is available from the publisher's website, and on Amazon.

Do you like instant photography? Let me know in the comments!

Sponsored post: This book was provided to me free of charge from Octopus Books in exchange for a review. All views are my own!

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