Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Adventures: Exploring Pembrokeshire, part two

After an amazing breakfast, we set off on day two of our adventures in Pembrokeshire. Unfortunately for us, it was tipping down with rain! Never a good thing... or is it? With that in mind, I picked a place on the back of the local Coast to Coast magazine... Bosherston and Stackpole Quay. Challenge accepted, we jumped in the car and drove out of Tenby, through winding country lanes (and finding an unexpected railway bridge behind one sharp corner, eek!) and onto Barafundle Bay!




(I stood on a rock to get these pictures!)



We carried on driving and discovered Castlemartin ranges along the way, so we decided to drive through and park up. Upon pulling in, the rain came in and we spent a good ten or so minutes chatting about anything and everything before braving going out and opening the boot! (Our lunch was in there!) We had an impromptu car picnic of baguettes, crisps and cakes, zipped up our waterproof coats, and went outside.






Castemartin has an amazing array of cliffs, which were breathtaking and ever so slightly dangerous. The views had something to do with it...

They use the ranges as a training ground for Army personnel, but when it's not in use, it's open to the public. The walk itself is great for all ages as it's mostly flat, and there's plenty to see. Livestock are known to roam around, and there's underground shelters and dug out holes everywhere. Which, in heavy rain, is the perfect place to take a selfie!

The guys at Toxicfox kindly supplied me with a selfie stick to take on holiday with me, and it's simply brilliant! I was worried about the dreaded selfie-complete-with-metal-pole you see in numerous selfie stick pics, but I'm pleased to report that this definitely doesn't happen. It's all in the angle. I can report that it's also extremely well-made, robust and easy to use! (Also, look how close I am to the cliff!)






We paid a little visit to Pembroke, where we found the castle and watched swans and a tiny duck family swim in the river - aww! By the castle, we were casually chatting when I felt a spray of water hit my face. It was only a volunteer standing on a tall ledge with a watergun! Cheeky so and so!







Finally, we visited Pembroke Dock, where we watched ferries getting ready to leave, and took in wind turbines (oh, and realised we were sitting on a set of blocks shaped like a compass!) - after a quick mooch in Asda for a big bar of chocolate, it was time to turn in for the night. What an adventurous day! Come back tomorrow for the final part of our adventures!

Sponsored post: My selfie stick was provided to me free of charge from Toxicfox in exchange for a review. All views are my own!

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