Friday, 20 March 2015

Adventures: A Partial Solar Eclipse


So, today there was a solar eclipse which took place in Europe. I decided to get up super early, and out in the garden for just before nine to film the event as it unfolded. Surprisingly, it was my first time ever making a short film! But even though I had the gear, I unfortunately had no idea! There's an hour's worth of footage, but I've so far used about fifteen minutes worth. I don't think the world needs to hear me apologising to the tripod after bumping into it!


Either way, this morning was absolutely amazing. Our little area had 80% coverage, and there was a huge worry about the clouds taking over and ruining things, but thankfully it cleared just in time. I had no idea what to expect, whether the sky was going to go pitch black or not. It didn't, it felt more like the sun had disappeared behind the clouds. It was magical, though. I can hardly believe I witnessed such an amazing event this morning!



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