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Dress: #dearsally - There's Just So Much I Want For Christmas...

Dear Sally,

How are you? It's been ages since we've last spoken! I hope you're well, and I hope you've had a wonderful year full of amazing experiences, great company and adventures. How is it nearly December? This year has flown by, and it's nearly time for... wait for it... Christmas! I know you sent me a lovely short-but-sweet message asking me about all the beautiful things I'd really like for the main event just the other day, so I wanted to pass on my wishlist from Long Tall Sally. Are you ready for this? I know I am!

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is one of my favourite and least favourite things to do in the whole world. The crowds! The pushing, pulling and stealthy grabbing of presents from shelves! (Of course, height and long arms are not a problem in this...) At the same time it's loads of fun seeing the streets and shops decked out in all their festive finery, and having the challenge of choosing the perfect presents for my family without being caught? Bring it on! You have to be comfortable for your festive shopping hijinks, whether that's running around three different supermarkets in one day buying all the food (we've all been there!) or going out to find that last minute gift for someone.

With the cold temperatures and dipping in and out of air-conditioned shops, you need to be comfy and warm to avoid catching a chill, but it definitely doesn't mean wearing boring clothes! I really love wearing jumpers now, which is a big change from last year. I've always been more of a cardigan fan and used to feel a bit restricted in a jumper. Now I'm volunteering a few times a week, I need to wrap up warm and stay warm, and it's reignited my love of the woolly knit! I really love the Eiffel tower jumper in a rich navy blue. I'd wear a white blouse underneath it and show off that collar!

On the bottom half I'd wear these check jeggings, which are subtle yet more interesting than their plain counterpart. You definitely need to wear sturdy shoes which can take anything and protect your feet from those shoppers who can be a bit overzealous with their trolley - Converse are your best friends for this, and I don't yet own a plain neutral pair... nudge nudge, wink wink! On top, I'd wear this gorgeous khaki waxed-style jacket. It'll keep me warm on a freezing cold day, and it's easy to throw off when I jump into the car or enter a particularly warm shop! Plus, the whole outfit looks stylish, too. This is definitely on my wishlist!

Christmas Party

Christmas Party

It's been ages since I've been to a party. Normally, Christmas revolves around meals out with family or people I know! Last year, we visited a wonderful Nepalese restaurant and I ate a curry which was so fragrant, I could smell it for approximately two days afterwards. It was completely worth it, of course! I love my curries. Anyway, I completely digress. I've imagined here what I would wear to a party if I was invited to any this year, and although it might not look too inspiring in the picture, it's all in how you style it!

I've chosen the stripe Breton top with leatherette panels on the shoulders. I love a good stripy top, and the shoulder panels give it some more interest. I would push up the sleeves on this top and tuck it into the TTYA x LTS skirt! Full skirts rule, and this one is no exception. I can imagine making a dramatic impact wearing it, and having great fun swishing it around!

Of course, I would have to wear sparkly shoes (it is Christmas, after all) - I'm not an expert at walking in heels, which is why the glittery court shoes are perfect for me to wear! They're not too high, which is a blessing, plus the silver glitter pops against the monochrome palette. And to finish it off, the TTYA x LTS coat will keep me warm on my way back to the car! I tend to wear simple outfits that I can move around in these days, and this would be perfect for me!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Yay, Christmas Day! It's definitely one of my favourite days of the year. I always think of it as a perfect lazy Sunday... with presents! Although our Christmasses are small, they're perfectly formed and filled with fun, surprises, and an awesome spin on Secret Santa. (I will blog about this one day as it's a bit too complicated to explain here!) We all make an effort to wear something smart at the dinner table, and for the past two years I've worn a simple skater dress with leggings, which is great when it comes to eating all that food!

Now I've had a look at LTS, I'd really love to wear this beautiful pink sequinned t-shirt, complete with these heavy jersey leggings. As Christmas can be a bit chilly indoors, I'd also cover up in an oversized black knitted cardigan. The pockets will come in handy for stashing Celebrations and Quality Streets in them (hands off the green triangles!) as well as keeping me toasty warm. After dinner, we always head out into the woods to walk off all that turkey, so I'd also add my next layer, a feather down coat, and wear some smart Chelsea boots to finish off the outfit! Not only will I stay warm, I'll also look pretty darn cool, too. Happy Christmas to me!

Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Now, if there's anyone here wondering how exactly to spoil a tall girl at Christmas, I've put together a couple of handy ideas for you! I think any girl would be absolutely delighted with pyjamas which fit perfectly. I know I'd be over the moon! The polka dot pyjama set and matching fluffy dressing gown look heavenly, and the colour is stunning! I'm obsessed with beautiful bold colours, especially teal.

Onesies are also much appreciated too. For anyone who thinks they might look silly in them, you really should give them a go! They're snuggly, you can wear your pyjamas under them for extra warmth, and there's a hood. What's not to love about that? The snowflake print is also Christmassy, too. Slippers also go down well, especially these gorgeous tartan slipper boots - the print is definitely on trend this season! Speaking of which, there's a lovely scarf that would go perfectly with my winter coat... (and gloves, too!)

I'd also like to make a special mention for some lovely new clothes to wear around the house. You need something nice and comfy to chill out in, especially in the days after Christmas when the rest of the world is out buying everything in the winter sales, and all you really want to do is stay in, nap and watch some TV! I'm particularly drawn to the polka dot berry jumper - it looks so soft and relaxed! I desperately want to wear it over a pair of slim leg yoga trousers, pull a blanket around my shoulders and just fall asleep on the sofa! Never underestimate the power of good loungewear...

Well, I hope you enjoyed my wishlist, and thank you for reading! We really must catch up sometime... maybe at Christmas?

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Long Tall Sally! All words are my own.

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