Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Daily Snap - 30/07/14

#radicalselflovejuly - I Love...

Today's #radicalselflovejuly is I Love... I had to look this up today to check what it was about, and it's about the things you love about yourself. So here goes...

1. The heart shaped vein in my foot.
2. My long legs, and being 6ft tall!
3. My eyes
4. My ability to eat *everything*
5. My sense of humour
6. Having limits... knowing what I want and don't want to do.
7. Having an eye for the unusual and an eye for details!
8. My work ethic... being able to get stuff done!
9. Being happy with a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds!
10. The ability to be kind and to help others
11. Achieving dreams, big and small
12. Not caring what other people think.
13. Just being Rach.

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