Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Daily Snap - 22/07/14

#radicalselflovejuly - Magic

Today's #radicalselflovejuly is Magic. I threw glitter, blew glitter. I could have looked happier about it, but it's hard when you're doing it solo! Here are some thoughts on the perils of blowing glitter:

1. The wind may change and send the glitter into your face instead of away from it.
2. It gets everywhere. My patio is now multicoloured, and whenever the wind blows the grass twinkles a bit.
3. Despite my best efforts with a sweeping brush, the glitter is still there.
4. God help any cats who visit our garden, they're going to come back sparkly.
5. It's all over me. Hands, face, arms, scalp. Lips at one point but the wet wipes solved that.
6. Glitter doesn't taste nice.
7. I think I need to hoover up in here again.
8. Looks good though when you capture it!

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