Thursday, 26 June 2014

Adventures: New Things

Sometimes, you just need a change, and for me it can be something as simple as buying something small or going somewhere different! Even the little things like giving my room a quick tidy, hanging up a new picture or changing the items on my shelves can also make a big difference and leave me feeling happier, and refreshed!

Life is short, buy the lipstick!

New lipstick. Yep, really! Nothing beats going out and finding a lipstick in a fresh new colour that looks nice on (and lasts, too!)


Finding a new spot - this was taken when I went exploring for bluebells a few weeks ago. It was fun, although I'd really like to forget the massive insect that landed on my arm and left me screaming the woods down!

Galaxy Print Converse

New shoes - I love a new pair of shoes, especially when you've dreamt about the perfect pair and they become available. Like these ones, for example. I never stop smiling when I wear them and look at my feet. Also, the smell of new shoes...


Making a massive change - like for example, redecorating like I did earlier this year. I went from purple to a light blue-green called Chance. I'm still looking for the perfect curtains, wardrobe and desk, though. Any offers of awesome furniture gratefully received...


New stationery - of course! I love stationery, and cannot be parted from my trusty Berol pens when it comes to creating my visual diary or doodling. There's nothing better than opening a fresh new page in a new notebook or trying out a silky felt tip pen for the first time. Oooh, love it!

Speaking of new stuff, the guys at Ryman Stationery have a new website which has just launched, so if you're like me and can't stop looking at and drooling over stationery, give them a look. I know I will be, right after I've hit publish on this post...

What makes you feel #brandnew?

(This is a sponsored post, although my ideas are my own!)

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