Saturday, 17 May 2014

Dress: Keep Cool and Carry On


Top and trousers: Dorothy Perkins Tall
Sunglasses: Topshop (last year)

Cor, you guys, isn't it nice out today? I'm loving the sunny weather, and have finally been outside in the fresh air, soaking up the sun, enjoying the breeze (and the garden), and wearing summery clothes! Yes!


Dorothy Perkins currently has a 25% off everything code going at the moment (check the website for it) so I made the most of it and ordered a bundle of clothes for £40 with free delivery! I ordered this lovely new butterfly print t-shirt and the cut off trousers, which make a great combo. The t-shirt is nice and lightweight, and very soft. I wouldn't wear it on a day where I would be sat in the sun ALL day, because I think I'd probably burn to a crisp in it (I'm very, very pale), but for nice cool days like this, it's perfect. My cut offs are also lovely, too. They're a bit big, so I'm thinking of ordering another pair in the next size down and hoping for the best, but again, they're brilliant, and so easy to wear. Perfect for a paddle in the sea!


Speaking of a good combo, do you like my new shoes? The galaxy print Converse were a must have when they arrived on Schuh last month, I knew they had to be mine as I'm pretty certain I made a wish for them in my wish jar. So, armed with my remaining Christmas money, I did it. They are so soft, so silky, and so easy to wear. And they match my handbag!

So today was a purple day, spent in my garden eating a Cornetto! How was your day? Are you enjoying the nice weather too?

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