Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Adventures: Tenby In My Pocket

Mr Nutcase phone case

Last week there was much squeeing and dancing around in my house. Saturday morning, to be precise. I had a very exciting parcel which I just could not wait to open.

It was from Mr Nutcase! They had very kindly given me the opportunity to design my very own personalised phone case, and I could not wait to try it out. I wasn't disappointed either. It's such an easy website to use - first you pick your phone/gadget (you can also design cases for your tablet/Kindle as well as most mobile phones), then you choose the type of case you'd like (I chose the slimline case, although there's an option for a leather-style flip case and a premium case), before choosing how many pictures you'd like to include on your case (and then uploading them) - that's basically it. The uploader is super speedy, the only bit that takes time is choosing your photos, and I have LOADS of them.

Mr Nutcase phone case

After much deliberating, I finally uploaded my eight pictures and played around with the layout (should I put my favourite Amroth photo here, or up the top?) - my top tip for any new users to Mr Nutcase is to create a new folder for your photos and copy and paste them into the folder before uploading them. It just makes life easier.

I then checked out and within two days, I was really impressed with how quickly it took to arrive. And I love it! The case is durable, smooth (with a matte finish), and looks fantastic. I can't stop looking at it, it's perfect, and personal to me because I've chosen photos of my favourite place in the whole world, Tenby/Amroth. I can finally say I've got Tenby in my pocket...

I chose bubbles (that year we blew bubbles on the beach in mid-October), a photo of a boat we found that bears my name (almost, wrong spelling), the harbour and the pretty pastel houses of Tenby, Amroth during the day and at sunset, a cheeky seagull checking me out, and finally, that time we caught a free bus and my brother tried to pay the driver...

I love all of these photos, and wanted them to be there as a visual reminder of the place I love so much.

How would you like 10% off at Mr Nutcase? Use the code Thanku10 at the checkout!

Big thanks to Mr Nutcase, who gave me the chance to review their case for free! All opinions are my own.

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