Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dress: Shoeps and Stripes

IMG_5008.jpg IMG_5017.jpg

Jacket: G21 at Asda (from last season)
Top, Jeans: Long Tall Sally
Sunglasses: Vans at ASOS
Shoes: Keds
Shoelaces: Shoeps

This sunny weather is just fantastic, isn't it? It's made me all smiley and looking forward to wearing all my favourite summer clothes. Adios, heavy coats! Hello, denim jackets!


Today I wore a casual outfit suitable for a day of picking out paint for my bedroom revamp. (!!! So excited!!!) As the weather was still a bit nippy outside I opted for a light jacket. I spotted khaki and stripes on another blogger recently and loved the look so I wanted to give it a go, and it actually works! I love the mixture of textures on this jacket, especially the patchwork details on the shoulders! It was a steal at £10 in the George sale last year. I'm actually rocking a top from nearly two years ago from LTS, and it washes and wears just so well, it looks as good as it did on the day I bought it! The jeans are new too, another pair of my trusty Richmonds. However... they are a tiny bit big. Either I've shrunk or LTS are more generous on their sizing this time around... Who knows? Of course you have to wear a super pair of shades. These black cat eye Vans sunglasses are absolutely amazing, and I love them.


My Keds are looking super cute today because they have new laces in. The lovely folk at Shoeps sent me the Rainbow mix to test out, and they are simply brilliant. They're elastic, and by simply threading them through the holes in the shoes and popping the ends onto the little buttons on the reverse, you have new laces and new shoes! It turns them into slip ons, and although at first I was worried my shoes would be a bit big, in fact they were comfy all day and I really enjoyed wearing them, and spotting that little pop of colour when I looked at my feet. It's definitely easier to put on when you're in a hurry! I'd recommend them to anyone who fancies refreshing an old pair of shoes.

You can buy Shoeps here, or have a gander at Gumbies, where there are loads of fab shoes and boots.

Now, roll on Spring!

(I was given my Shoeps free of charge from Shoeps/Gumbies - however all opinions are my own.)

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