Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Dress: The Lesser Spotted Rach

What I wore

Dress: Dorothy Perkins Tall
Leggings: Long Tall Sally
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Vans at Asos

Here I am, rocking polka dots on Easter Monday! I visited our local car festival (there'll be an Adventures post later on in the week) and had a mooch around. I don't know about you, but old cars are awesome, so I wanted to be comfy and also stylish while snapping pics! This polka dot dress is amazing. I love it, it's just about the right length (a little bit past my knee) and I love how the pleats make the skirt swish. I actually wore this with my leather jacket but it became warm fairly quickly so I took it off. But it made a great combo. I also have an urge to wear it with a hot pink cardigan to make it more work appropriate. But that's the thing with this dress - it's very versatile.

What can I say about my leggings? They're comfy, they're definitely long enough, and they do feel a bit like tights in that you have to keep adjusting them to avoid wrinkles... but they're fab quality, as usual, from Long Tall Sally and a total bargain at £16. Oh, and I'm wearing my trusty Cons and sunnies, too. You just can't do a day out without them!

How was your Easter? Was it filled with loads of chocolate, like mine was? (Double chocolate hot cross buns, toasted, and Nutella spread all over them. Don't even go there. Yum.)

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