Sunday, 3 November 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - October 2013

Oopsie, I'm a bit late for this month, but I'm here anyway! Thank you to Sally at Diario who is hosting this month. This month has gone too fast for my liking and I've had a couple of ups and downs. But I've made it through. Here's my pictures for this month!


Something I Made - Chocolate cake! I bought a KitchenAid this month (after umming and ahhing for far too long... months. Years.) and I'm in love with it. I made this easy chocolate cake which my cousin gave me the recipe for. Please excuse the plate. Chocolate ganache is a messy business!


Inspiration - Paper straws! I like paper straws. I especially love them when they're stripy. And although I don't really go for yellow, I'm liking the yellow-ness.


Orange - Here's a candle in a pumpkin! It doesn't get much orange-y than this!

Cherries and Editing

Motif: Cherries - I thought I'd wheel out an old one for this picture. I love cherries. I ate loads of them this summer!


Cosy - I saw this outside yesterday, in a car park, of all places. A nest in a bare tree.

I hope you liked my CPSH for this month, thanks Sally for the topics! :D

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