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Dress: Going Polka Dotty For Kate Spade!

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I mentioned earlier in the week about my beautiful new phone case courtesy of the lovely people at Three Mobile, and I'd promised to write a review about it, so here it is!

People who know me know I really take care of everything I own, and when it came to upgrading my phone, alongside choosing my new phone I had to go shopping for a phone case, and as you can guess, I found it difficult! I knew that my new phone needed serious taking care of though, as I do sometimes accidentally bump my phone when I put it down. (Who doesn't, right?) So, after keeping my phone protected in a clear rubber case for a few months, I was asked if I fancied trying out a Kate Spade case instead. I jumped at the chance!

This case has a serious retro feel about it, covered in classic black and white polka dots on the back with a gold Kate Spade logo, and as if it couldn't get any prettier, the sides are contrasting hot pink, which finishes the design off perfectly if you ask me! When I got it out of the box my Mum and I did a huge "Oooooh!" - it really is a pretty phone case that you'll find yourself looking at for ages and ages. It's bright and colourful and I just love it!

It's a plastic case, which some people might feel a bit put off by but actually it's very hard wearing and durable! You will get fingerprints on the back of the cover, but, like any iPhone screen it just needs a good clean with a microfibre cloth every now and then. My favourite part of the case, though, is the rubber bumper, which you attach to the phone before putting the back cover on. It protects the volume up and down buttons, however the headphone jack, on/off button and silent on/off switch are exposed, which makes sense as some phone cases hide these parts and it can be a pain to use them... so it's a lot easier using my phone in this case! On the front of the case, the sides are raised so it provides a bit of extra protection should you want to put the case face down anywhere... my photo at the top doesn't really demonstrate it but I like this feature a lot as it's another good way to prevent a cracked screen!

All in all this is such a gorgeous phone case, and as you can see, it really goes with my satchel! The hot pink sides mean my phone is extremely easy to find in my bag now, and it still fits in the armband I use for running, although it's a tighter squeeze. I'm very pleased with my new phone case, and yep, I'd definitely say I'm dotty for Kate Spade! Thank you Three Mobile, it's perfect!

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