Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Adventures: A Walk Up May Hill









Another weekend, another National Trust property! We went for a walk up May Hill a few weekends ago, and it's not only a flipping massive hill, but you can see no less than about twelve different counties from it, stretching as far back as Wales and Herefordshire. There's no doubt it's a walk and a half to climb up (my brother wanted to stop about halfway up and turn back round, which I'm glad I politely persuaded him to carry on, because it was worth it!) but the views are amazing. And there's wild cows trotting about all over the place. But you'll be pleased to know they're very friendly, as long as you don't disturb them of course... The walk down was equally as tough on the knees as it was on the climb up. It's safe to say after taking up running I now know what my weak spot is!

You can see more photos here.

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