Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - June 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to this month's CPSH! We didn't have a CPSH last month but that's okay. I've not been posting much either but I'm okay. Life has been pretty busy and not bad. I broke my blender in an accident involving the rubber seal coming undone and the contents exploding through the bottom of the jug. Which was Not Good. I was blender-less for a few weeks and it was pretty hard not having those gorgeous Green Monster smoothies. Anyway, Middle Class Woe over and done with... here's my entries for June!


Something I Made - I had a go at being green fingered in the garden and sowed some pansies and sunflowers from a packet of seeds. These are the pansies. They're still a work in progress at the moment!


Inspiration - Cherries. This is the best time of year for cherries and I'm like a kid in a sweet shop when given a punnet. They are too good to pass up. You just have to keep eating them and eating them (and spitting the pips into the nearest bin, obviously!)


Tea - Here's some of my tea cup collection. I have far too many tea cups which is a good thing!


Recycle - I had to take a photo of my water bottle which I was given at work. I use it every day and the message on the side says it all! The other side of the bottle says Refill Me.


Happiness - These shoes. I bought them on my 18th birthday and they're still going strong. They've been so many places, have been covered in mud and I've walked many miles in them. And although they look battered, I'm not giving them up for a good few years yet. Actually, I'm never giving them up. They make me happy because they marked the start of my adult years, and I will always remember how happy I felt wearing them for the first time, all cool in my Converse.

Well, that's my CPSH for this month, I can't wait to see everyone's entries! :D

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