Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - April 2013

Hello again! April is nearly over and done with, which I'm always sad about as I love April. It's my birthday month and usually it's the month when Spring is officially on its way. Well, I don't know if it's quite there yet on that front, it's still a bit cold outside, but it's nice to see lighter evenings and sunnier skies, even if I'm wrapped up in several layers!

Anyway. Here's my entries for this month's CPSH!

Green Smoothies

Something I Made - Green Monster smoothies. These are all a bit new to me, but my blender's been used a lot this month. I'm thinking of the vitamins. I put in a few lumps of frozen spinach, some apple juice and a banana and blend it all up. The result is a really yummy smoothie which tastes all banana and apple-y. The only evidence of spinach is in the colour. I think I'm in love with them!

Cannop Pond, Spring 2013

Inspiration - Our local ponds, which we visited for a nice, quiet Saturday afternoon stroll a few weeks ago. I love it here, there are ducks and swans in abundance, plenty of places to sit down and think and lots to walk around. We saw a duck doing a headstand in the water which had a group of photographers with really big lenses (I forgot my own telephoto lens) swarming to take a picture! I like coming here, it's relaxed and peaceful.


Colour: Red - So, you might have seen these amazing sunglasses a few times already... but I can't help it, they are so beautiful. I would have taken a photo of myself wearing them but I decided my lion could pull them off a bit better for me today... so... here they are!


Rocks - I thought about taking a photo of the pebbles on my shelf again and really struggled for inspiration when I remembered the gemstones and crystals I've got in a bedside drawer, so I took them out to take photos. I loved looking back through them and trying to remember all their names. I think my favourites are the amethyst and the clear quartz. Shiny!

That's my hat

Motif: Western - My new hat! I found this on a whim on my birthday, after dropping into a supermarket on a bank holiday Monday to pick up some bread! I picked this hat up and ended up wearing it home. I like it, it's kind of Western and the wide brim will be great for when it's really sunny outside!

That's my CPSH for this month, I can't wait to see the other entries. Thank you Sally for picking this month's topics!

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