Sunday, 31 March 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - March 2013

Hola! and welcome to this month's CPSH! March was a total washout in which I spent most of it with gastroenteritis. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I hope I never have it again... and I hope that no one else gets it either. Putting it mildly, I lost two weeks of my life which could have been spent on much better things! Other than that, I made a cake and that was about it. Hope you all had a better month than I did! Here are my entries for this month...

I baked again

Something I Made - Cake, again, for a bake off competition. Unfortunately there were some lovely people accusing me of cheating and using a packet mix, which was a bit bizarre really, as I did make it myself. Thankfully I took it in good humour (albeit grudgingly...) The winner still hasn't been drawn yet... I shall keep you posted!


Inspiration - my wall of Instax photos brighten my day (and keep inspiring me to get out there and take more photos... once it warms up a bit out there!) - I'm still in love with my camera!


Quiet - here's the one place I get a nice bit of quiet every day - my bed! I love my bed a lot, it's comfy and has a seven foot long duvet on it (I'm actually serious on that one!) which means I get to fully wrap myself up warm on colder nights. And it's quiet. Bliss.


Beast - I found myself with a Red Nose earlier this month, alongside my cat keyring. Which one is the real beast out of the two? I'll let you decide:


(Yes - this keyring howls like a real cat and its eyes light up - maybe not like a real cat, but still. It scared me the first time I pressed the button on its head!)

Motif: Numbers

Motif: Numbers - This one was really hard! But when it came to it, I realised that numbers are everywhere, it's just that I'd forgotten where they were really hiding. So here is our telephone, which is, of course, filled with numbers!

Thanks to Ruth at The Goldhawk Project for this month's topics - I can't wait to see everyone's entries!

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