Saturday, 23 March 2013

CPSH February 2013: Favourites

Hello everyone! I would firstly like to apologise for just how late in the month this is, unfortunately I've been through the mill over the last week and a half with gastroenteritis, which has been awful, and I hope I never experience it again. (On the same note - I hope you all take very good care of yourselves, because I wouldn't wish this on anyone, believe me!) Now I'm starting to feel a bit better, and a lot less like hiding under the duvet and having a nap, I thought I'd put up my favourites for this month's CPSH!

Here's a quick reminder of the people who have taken part this month!

Emma at The Gift Shed
Sally at Diario
Ruth at The Goldhawk Project
Starla at Cinders and Rain

Inspiration - Ruth at The Goldhawk Project captured this cute dog peeking over a wall, I have to admit it made me smile! I also loved Sally's view from the ski slopes too.

Something I Made - do pardon me here for a moment, but IT'S A CAMPERVAN! Starla at Cinders and Rain created it out of Lego and it is beyond brilliant. I do love a campervan... :D

New - Emma at The Gift Shed took a picture of some lovely snowdrops making an appearance in her garden

Baking - Sally at Diario went on a course to learn how to ice cakes, and they look really good! I'm eyeing up those Haribo fried eggs...

Motif: Triangles - I wondered whether it was a good idea choosing triangles as this month's Motif as I didn't really have much to choose from in the way of triangles (it is one of the most underrated shapes out there!) - however there were so many great entries this month (Ruth's church arch and someone wearing a bobble hat made me smile, as did Sally's cocktail and Starla's Zelda book) - I chose Emma's kirigami as it reminds me of a snowflake, like the ones you make at Christmas!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this month's CPSH - March is being hosted by the lovely Ruth, so please pop and say hello if you fancy taking part!

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