Thursday, 28 February 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - February 2013

Hello all!

It's February, nearly the end of February, and it's time for the CPSH! This month I was asked to pick the topics, which hilariously had me scrambling around trying to remember the topics until I looked on my own blog and remembered it was my turn. Ha.

Anyway, February was a quiet one, I had a bit of time off which I mostly spent doing absolutely nothing. But I also had a to do list, for fun (of course) which was filled with fun things to do, one of them being Buy Cake Tins, another was to take my visual diary on a day trip (Which I did. To the pub!), and I've very nearly completed it. I just need to play some Jenga, make pancakes, and buy a new lipstick and it's finished. I know, great list right?

Down to business, this month I'm joined by the lovely:

Emma at The Gift Shed
Sally at Diario
Ruth at The Goldhawk Project
Starla at Cinders and Rain

(if you've also taken part and haven't yet left me a comment, let me know and I'll pop you on the list!)

Something I Made - Instax!!!

Something I Made - I have a new baby and I love it, it's my Fuji Instax Wide. I've made instant photos! Aren't they ace? It's a learning curve, granted, but a fun one all the same. I can't wait for long sunny days, and a full roll of ten exposures. Oh, and to display them on my wall, too.


Inspiration - I have a little shrine on one of my shelves. Regular readers to the blog know just how much I love my spiritual home, the little seaside village of Amroth, Tenby, and one of my shelves holds a full collection of pebbles, taken from different trips to the beach. Some of them are grey, some are speckled and some are striped. Some were picked by me, some were picked for me by my family. All of them hold memories and add texture to my room. I love holding them in my hand, and I love in particular this one.


New - ah, yes, this is my new baby again, the Instax Wide! I LOVE IT! It's a big, heavy beast to hold in my hands, heavier than my DSLR which is surprising. It takes a bit of getting used to and a bit of experimentation. Also, it takes a while for the photos to develop, but it's fun all the same watching it. Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Exactly.


Baking - I made a cake, all on my own on Saturday. Chocolate fudge! I did get my cake tins after, and I'm thrilled with them. I've never made a round cake before so I was excited. And the results were amazing - such a rich, moist cake. It certainly went down well with my family - and with a glass of cold soya milk.


Motif: Triangles - I'm not sure why I chose triangles, maybe because they're one of my favourite shapes. So I chose my bunting. I bought bunting for my room back last year and hung it up during the Jubilee weekend, and it's stayed there ever since. It was also purchased in part due to a heated exchange between friends on whether or not bunting was amazing or hideous. (I'm in Team Bunting Is Amazing, by the way)

I hope you liked my CPSH this month, please come back this Sunday where I shall be picking my favourites - and if you have taken part, please leave me a comment and I shall come and say hi!

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