Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday Words: Snowy Days

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Snow Days, 2013

It absolutely bucketed down with snow on Thursday night and continued well into Friday morning - which was great fun at first, but not when I realised I had to walk a mile in it on Friday morning. Several skids later and a slightly dicey moment involving a tree branch, I made it to my destination feeling worse for wear! A few hours later I came home, taking in more snow, a stray snowman and a lovely Jack Russell dog bouncing around in the snow!

When I finally made it home I felt exhausted and had to really take it easy, ending up with a massive migraine the next day which completely knocked me for six (and it meant I'd lost a day too - I had plans to make a cake, and a snowman...) - so feeling much better and getting out for a walk on Sunday was completely what I needed. Before we did that, we got the shovels out and cleaned the paths, which to be fair, didn't take long with a massive shovel!

Along the way we saw loads of snowy trees, a builder made of snow and tons of excited and confused dogs going for a walk, too! Although it was absolutely freezing cold out I had a great time... I do love a good wintery day.

PS - there will be a full adventures post featuring snow pics at some point this week, this is just a taster!

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