Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wednesday Words: Resolve


Resolutions are funny things aren't they? Every year most people sit down and make them, and um, break them, within the space of a few days or weeks. I know I do! This year I sat down and wrote about twenty resolutions in my visual diary, which is funny really, as I know I won't be able to do all of them but it's worth writing down a few of the little goals I fancy tackling this year. You never know, it might happen. I'm going to share a few of them here for your reading pleasure...

1. Experiment in charcoal - Charcoal pencils and the actual chalky charcoals themselves. Since starting my visual diary I've enjoyed experimenting with different mediums, like crayons, colouring pencils, Berols, watercolours. I love working with mixed media. I know charcoal will be super messy, only comes in one colour (obviously!) and needs a good dose of fixing spray to hold the drawing in place on the page, but I'm up for a challenge. It will be fun to see how it pans out. Firstly, I need to buy some...

2. Finally purchase an instant film camera - I'm thinking of the Fuji Instax Wide but am having serious trouble finding one to purchase that isn't ridiculously expensive or comes from an online shop I've never even heard of! Either way I want to do this before my birthday and the summer months so I've got something to capture all those brilliant moments with.

3. Try asparagus - go on, laugh, I did! Aparagus is one of those things I've seen in the shops, looked at all interestedly, and left it there. I need to try it. I really do. I love my vegetables so I know I'll be fine. I just thought I'd resolve to try it...

4. Visit all the places in my local area that I've always fancied going to but have never got around to it - which is fairly simple enough! You know when you see a place name on a road sign and think, "Wow, I fancy going there?" - and you never do? (starting to see a theme here, aren't we?) I am going to at least give it a go, visit all the interesting place names I've never seen before up close, and take photos. I already made a start on it today, and visited the local docks and had a good walk around. It was great. I'm going back this coming weekend...

5. Lose some weight. The standard new year's resolution for most people! But in fact, I've got every faith in myself that, with a bit of hard work, I can crack this one. I'm going to set small targets rather than one huge one. I think it's a bit more manageable this way. And getting out more, in the fresh air (even in the rain if I can, British weather can get stuffed I say) - if I can do that I'll feel better.

So, that's five of them. The other fifteen or so are still in my visual diary. If I do tackle it, I'll let you know. What have you got resolved this year?

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