Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday Words: Peace

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I don't normally get many quiet days but when I do I enjoy them. And I mean that - I really enjoy them!

The last day off I had which was destined to be a quiet day filled with loads of alone time, I made myself a to do list. Not just any to do list filled with housework and things to remember. A nice to do list. As in, you must:

1. Have a full on pampering session with a face mask and body scrub.
2. Eat some chocolate.
3. Buy something awesome online.
4. Have a nap.
5. Wrap that parcel you need to send back for a refund (okay, not something pleasurable but something light that had to be done)
6. Rest. <3

And did I do it? Well, in fact, I did. I woke up that day feeling horrendously tired and hungover (not from being drunk, just from being exhausted), my limbs ached all over, my head hurt and I was pretty certain I was never going to feel alright ever again!

After having a quick bowl of cereal, paracetemols, and a cup of herbal tea (the sort that is great for anti inflammation - Pukka After Dinner), I climbed back in bed, Cath Kidston magazine, iPod and phone in hand, I sat in bed, read the magazine and checked my phone for updates.

After an hour or so I finally made it into the shower, where I did have that face mask, before scrubbing it off with exfoliator. I still felt rough, but a tiny bit better. After some more lounging about I made some lunch... all I wanted was baked beans so I went with it, on toast. More tea and orange juice followed, before I decided to put together my laptop and just spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out on the internet. It was awesome. I enjoyed the peace and quiet and the need to do anything too stressful. I pushed the boat out and ate chocolate buttons, and a bag of popcorn. I was going to go all out on my day off.

I actually slept so much better that night - I think I shall have a day off doing nothing more often!

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