Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday Words: Overheard

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I have a serious habit of visiting supermarkets, and not only leaving with just shopping, but also a string of overheard conversations. Some hilarious, some touching, some downright weird ones. I know that there is only one major supermarket where I can find these kinds of conversations, so it always makes visiting it so much more fun.

Without sounding like some kind of crazy-ass stalker, I feel like sharing a couple of the things I've heard while walking up and down the aisles. They are all 100% true, else I wouldn't be sharing them. I hope you enjoy them!

In the baby and toddler toiletries aisle, a lady is stood on her phone while her toddler is busy throwing a slight tantrum:

Lady: Hello? (PAUSE) Yes, um, unfortunately our house is floating. Yes, it's floating. (PAUSE) Floating. Yeah, like someone has deployed an anti-gravity device on our house. YES, floating."

Lady, stood in the toiletry aisle, examining Christmas gift sets:

Lady: What shall I buy my Mum for Christmas?
Husband, without flinching: Arsenic.
(Lady looks disgusted at her husband)

Dad, pushing his two kids in the trolley down the chocolate aisle:

Tannoy: Would the red team please go to the checkouts?
Dad, to the children: Right, you two, you're on the red team, get on those tills!

In the chocolate aisle, around Halloween time, a little girl is stood close to her parents:

Little girl: Mummy, can I have my eyeballs when we get home, please?
Mum: Only if you're good.
Dad: Yes, and if you're not, you can have them on Halloween.
(It turns out they're referring to chocolates which look like eyeballs)

In the pet food aisle...

Little boy: Mummy, can we have a cat?
Mum: A cat?
Little boy: Yes, can we have a cat?
Mum: Why do you want a cat?
Little boy: So we can buy cat food.

In the main aisle at the front of the shop...

Little boy, to his Mum: MORE AMAZING OFFERS THIS WAY!

Yeah, I live such a cool and interesting life...

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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