Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday Words: Blowing Out The Winter Blues

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Take a bite

Well, it's Sunday, it's January, and let's face it, I'm feeling the winter blues. (Who isn't at this time of year? It's very cold outside and it always gets dark by half past four!) After an interesting weekend in which I slept horrifically Saturday night and just didn't feel right in general, it's time to cheer the hell up and do all the fun things that always make me happy, without fail. I always find that the best, most happy-making stuff to do is the free (or nearly free) things - the easy stuff. The simple pleasures.

Music + Housework = 

I literally just did this today - I found a summery road trip playlist on my iPod (circa 2011, it had gems like Wild Young Hearts by the Noisettes and Miami by Will Smith on it) and cranked it up loud while hoovering up. The happy music and the joy of picking up little pieces in the carpet at the same time worked some serious magic in making me feel a little bit better.

Fancy a cup of tea?

I love cups of tea - they're warming, full of flavour, and they are magically calming. This helps in part because I drink the caffeine-free numbers you can purchase, but you can't beat a caffeine-free tea you can add soya milk to in the mornings. Or a lovely peppermint tea. Or, chamomile and vanilla. Or... well, pretty much any tea, if I'm honest.

Get out and walk.

Yep, wherever you are, just go out and walk somewhere. It doesn't have to be too far, unless your blues are at a critical level, in which case, really go for it, walk hard, and fast, and work out those feelings until you feel just a bit better. Then walk back, a bit more slowly as you may well be exhausted by this point, and just take in the world around you. Don't forget to breathe in the fresh air either. Getting the cold stuff in your lungs will also help you sleep much better tonight.

Spend time with people you love spending time with.

One of my rituals every night, where possible, is sitting down with my family and chatting. We don't go crazy. We might look up silly videos on Youtube, read books and magazines, or talk about our days. We all make sure we're cosy too - slippers, pyjamas, etc. Sometimes blankets if it's really cold out. I usually sit down, doodling in my visual diary too, which all makes it part of the ritual. Sometimes just chatting and laughing is the best remedy you need.

Draw it out.

I'm keeping a visual diary, which I started on the 7th November last year, and I love it. It has no format, just a blank sketchbook which I doodle in with Berol pens, glue in pictures, paint, and generally, just do whatever I like. It's been on my mind for a while, starting the visual diary, and I am so glad I did it. I'd be lost if I didn't do it now, and I hope to keep it up. So... I guess drawing it out may also help if you're at a low point!

Eat chocolate.

Well, it always works for me, unless of course, you don't like chocolate, in which case you could eat something else you enjoy as a treat.

A hot shower.

Oh yes. Hot water, warming up, shampoo and conditioning your hair, using a body scrub before using a posh showergel... then getting out of the shower, drying with a towel which has been sitting on a warm radiator, then getting into fresh pyjamas and fresh bedding. This should never fail to make you feel better. At least, I hope it makes you feel better!

With this in mind, I'm off to have a nice shower, a cup of tea, and a bar of chocolate. Hope this makes you feel better.

What are your favourite ways to blow out the cobwebs and feel a bit better?

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