Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dress: Fitflops, For The Fellas


Ladies! Do you know a man in your life who could benefit from a new pair of shoes?

I thought that got your attention, as I think that's pretty much most of us! (Sorry, guys...) I just happened upon these FitFlops today and felt like sharing them with you.

Now, for anyone who hasn't heard of FitFlops, their premise is simple: comfortable shoes with a bit of a hidden secret. They have a slightly curvy sole, which makes them brilliant for activating some of the muscles in your legs, for helping to take some of the pressure off your feet, as well as being extremely comfortable! They were originally launched in 2007 as a flip flop, hence the name FitFlop, and since then have taken off and expanded into loads of different styles for both women and men! I've had a quick look at the menswear range and have picked out two of my favourite pairs from the range, as I have to be honest, they really are quite stylish for the men in your life... and you would honestly never know they were designed to help your feet and legs!

Ike Boot, FitFlops, £40.00 - these look so soft and comfortable, with the added bonus of a suedy lining and a high top style. I can imagine these would look amazing with jeans or smartened up a bit.

Supertone Slate Grey Trainers, FitFlop, £36 - I love these! They are plain and simple, in a beautiful shade of slate, and yep, I would definitely suggest wearing them in a casual style, with muted tones of charcoal and caramel!

How would you like free delivery at FitFlops? I happen to have a free shipping code: FFBLOG4 (*Free standard delivery on purchases from fitflop.co.uk valid from 29/01/2013 – midnight 05/02/2013. The code is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.)

Plus, there is a very nice sale on right now, and of course, plenty of ladies' FitFlops too... so if you do fancy a new pair of shoes which are super comfortable and supportive, while still looking stylish (I don't know about you but that sounds like a bargain!) then do have a look at FitFlops, you may well be very surprised!

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