Thursday, 31 January 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - January 2013

Happy End-Of-January everyone!

January went really fast, all things considered. I didn't do too many interesting things to report, I had a nice walk around the docks and experienced the snow (which left me exhausted and in need of some serious time to sleep - walking a mile every day for a week can leave you in a right mess!) - however, now the snow's starting to clear it's time to get back on with life. So here's my CPSH!

Three Stars

Something I Made - I made another light sculpture. For anyone with a DSLR, a wireless remote or cable release, a tripod or a very steady surface, and most importantly a very dark room and a torch, light sculptures are so easy to make. You only need to change a few settings on your camera, turn off the lights, press the shutter, pop the torch on and do some doodling! It is a bit time consuming and there is a lot to learn about positioning and getting the camera to focus and take the shot, but overall it's great fun. I drew these stars.


Inspiration - As you can guess, it's been cold out, so my new faux fur tippet got its first outing on Saturday. I love it, it was a bargain on ASOS for a grand £7.50. I've been after a faux fur tippet for months, and it looks great with a long sleeved top and jeans. And, most importantly, it's warm, and it inspires me to keep warm!


Retro - Heeeeere's Pingu! And the PG Tips monkey. And some random cuddly toys I've built up over the years, mostly gifts from friends and family.


Resolutions - I wrote an entire visual diary entry on my resolutions, and there were way too many. I may have written a blog post about some of them. Anyway, one of them was to buy a pair of sunglasses I'd wanted for a very long time. And I did, which resulted in disaster because they arrived broken. Which was not the best start to the year, but never mind. I tried! (I've yet to try asparagus or experiment in charcoal though, better crack on with that...)


Motif: Sequins - Can I crack open my sparkly Converse again? (I realise this has been a very fashionable CPSH this month, forgive me!) I don't actually have many sparkly sequinned things, which is a bit of a pain really, so I'd better sort that one out!

That was my CPSH for this month, hope you liked it! And please come back tomorrow at about 4pm when I post the topics for February's CPSH!

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