Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wednesday Words: The Great Hama Disaster Of 2012

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Tea and Sympathy, Angels Delight

It happened last Saturday. It was the first of December, and, in a fit of joyous, Oh-Yay-It's-December! pique, I got out the Hama. I had Hama beads a few years ago as I'd seen people making jewellery from them, so I bought a starter set from Argos and got cracking. But, like many things, it ended up in the back of a drawer, in their containers, and I forgot all about it. Until now. I had this great vision of making random things out of Hama and giving them as presents alongside the main presents on Christmas Day. "It's a Hama coaster!" Right?

So, I decided to make Hama bunting, fairly easy, triangles of each and every colour, threaded together and hung up along a shelf. That was easy, although I groaned a lot as I removed the triangles from the pegboards. Ouch. Hot plastic and fingers so don't mix. Then I made a coaster, which took, I think, about an hour and a half to even assemble, using Google to get the picture just right. I took it downstairs, holding it as gently as possible, trying not to disturb the contents. It then took me twenty minutes to work out how to turn on our steam press! Once I did that, I set to work. But you see, the beads weren't quite melting in the middle and I kept going, making sure they finally melted together. After switching off the steam press I left the coaster to cool down, and fifteen minutes later I found myself swearing and sweating, trying to remove the coaster from the board.

It wouldn't budge.

I couldn't believe it! All that hard work and nothing to show for it, just a teeny peeled off corner and a completely melted lump of plastic. I got a jug and poured hot water over the board. Nothing. It's a bit like Lego, Hama beads are. If you run your fingers along it in the wrong way it hurts like hell. And god help you if you tread on it, too.

I gave up after another fifteen minutes and took all my gear upstairs. As I walked into my room, I dropped the container. And all the beads went everywhere. Oh GODDDDDD... my tea was nearly ready, my family were asking where I was, and I gave myself a head rush from all that bending down. Ugh.

Well, I hope I never have to pick all that lot up again. And I hope that, after I've finally finished all this Hama bead stuff, I don't have to do it again for a while...

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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