Monday, 31 December 2012

Adventures: 12 Moments of 2012

It's the last day of 2012, and I can't quite believe it. What a year! It may not have been super action packed but it's had its' moments, which I can't wait to share with you.

Full moon

1. January - The full moon came out to say hello, peeking through some clouds. I remember throwing my coat on over my pyjamas, with my slippers, iPod on, looking at the majestical beauty in front of me, praying that my camera took some seriously clear shots. It didn't disappoint. I heart the moon!


2. February - An extra day and my first go at baking something new: Cake pops! In fact, I made them twice in February as I made them as part of a bake off at work. I didn't enjoy the back breaking work involved, or the state of my kitchen... but it was tasty.


3. March - My new telephoto lens came into its' own on another clear night - it's the moon again! Okay, the focus isn't amazing (yet) but standing outside my front door in the cold, clutching my tripod, hoping my neighbours didn't think I was a crazy lady, yielded some nice results!

Birthday Cath


4. April - two pics - April is my birthday month so my family surprised me with two Cath Kidston mugs, which I love! Also, I read an article which changed my thinking and pretty much changed my life. I'll be forever thankful for it.

Leaning Forward


5. May - I looked back on three years since I fell seriously ill, and saw a deer just chilling out in the woodland.

A Cath Collection

Cat spotted on my walk.

6. June - I counted up my Cath Kidston mug collection (sadly I lost the red star print mug and the gnome glass to chipping - WAAAAH) and lost my family while playing hide and seek on a flat village green. Ironically in the process I made friends with this cat (and his owner, a six year old boy, who helped me find my family)...


Sunset, last night

7. July - I got seriously addicted to cherries, and took a wonderful sunset photo which was only marred by some silly kids from across the road who started fighting moments after I took the photo.

Little friend on our fence

Soaking my feet in the sea at Amroth

Tenby 2012

8. August - We made a new friend on our garden - a squirrel, aka Mission Impossible, who loves running along our fence and going about his business from there. Apparently he loves sitting on top of the lamppost but I've yet to see him do it! We also went to Tenby, where I soaked my feet in the sea at Amroth during a rainstorm and spent time on the harbour. I still love you Tenby!

Autumn = new lightweight coat

Little droplets

9. September - It rained, what else was new there? I also tried (and failed) to get a beautiful autumnal blazer, which was a shame as it looked amazing in the catalogue!

Lightroom... eh?!

Autumn berries

10. October - I finally bit the bullet and purchased Lightroom! Although at first I was afraid, and completely petrified, I've learnt my way around the program and now feel really happy with it, it was absolutely the best thing I've ever purchased as I can edit my photos in a few clicks, much easier than PSE where it took hours to edit photos and wait for actions to tick over. I also tried blackberries again, first time since childhood! (mostly in part because the bush up the road stopped producing blackberries, damn it)

Everything Is Going To Be Okay

November the 5th

Little firework

11. November - I received a book which cheered my soul and told me that no matter what, Everything Is Going To Be Okay. I also took photos of fireworks which actually came out, despite having a difficult time waiting for the fireworks to appear - running outside and in and outside and in and... yeah, it was fun. But I did it!

Forest Flame 2012

Forest Flame 2012

Light Painting Love

12. December - our village held a fire sculpture evening which was beautiful, and finally I had a go at lighting up the night myself, with the help of my new photography book. I am so proud of what I have achieved and am going to have another go another night I think!

Well, that was my year summed up in photos and words - I'd like to thank all of my readers for their love and support this year - you've been brilliant! Next year I'd like to see plenty of love, light and good times. I'd also like to wish the same for you too - may your new year be happy, and healthy, and filled with love and laughter.

Love to you guys, and have a good night, whatever you've got planned.

What was your best moment this year?

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