Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wednesday Words: Life Through An Instagram Lens

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Okay, I admit it, I'm Instagram obsessed! If you follow me on that little camera app of mayhem (@rachiebaby) you'll notice it's a lot of music, lunchtime wonderings and randomness from out and about. Like I say on my About Me page, I'm just a big ball of hyper, never knowingly without a camera in my hand or handbag. So, you're probably wondering why I'm talking about Instagram this week. Well, here's a bit of my life, lately, through a vintage filter.

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I had a delivery this week, it came in paper bags - one was giraffe print, the other, leopard print. I did a bit of a squee. It's the little things which make me happy. It also made me wonder where it came from and what kind of paper bags they'll be using next week. I do love a surprise.

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I can't help doing this on Instagram now, if I have music playing on my iPod and I'm really feeling it, I'll take a quick pic and upload it. Oh, by the way, does anyone else gravitate towards one particular filter? I tend to go for Rise about 90% of the time.

Anyway, music I've been listening to lately that I have Instagrammed, in no particular order, and I think you should give it a go:

Singin' In The Rain - Mint Royale
Push and Shove - No Doubt
One Sweet Love - Sara Bareilles
Girlfriend - The Darkness
Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - Modjo
Gravity's Rainbow - The Klaxons
1901 - Birdy
Neon Valley Street - Janelle Monae

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I've eaten my way through a bit too much food lately! I had some Celebrations at work and then the next day I had a Cheeseboard sandwich, fresh pineapple and water on the train! I also had a bit of a full English breakfast that day too. It was a bit, ahem, weird, as it was in a well known pub chain in a city centre. And it wasn't a brilliant experience, either. The food was horrible. I've never had such a hard sausage in all my life. They didn't trust me that much either as they served me orange juice in a plastic pint glass!

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Something very cool and very random has been happening to me all this week. I've been receiving huge parcels of confectionary! There's a big reason for why this has been happening but I shan't be getting into it here. Just that people care and have been posting me such wonderful presents through the post is enough for me. It gives me such a warm fuzzy inside!

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Yeah, socks, you heard me. And tissues. Leopard print, owls, and Christmas trees. I don't normally like Christmas all that much, too much of a OMG-BUY-ALL-THE-EXPENSIVE-THINGS-FOR-EVERYONE! epidemic going on, especially on TV and in shops and stuff. But socks, well, socks are harmless aren't they? They might even make me feel a bit festive.

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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