Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday Words: On Lightroom, And Learning

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I started using Adobe Lightroom on Friday. It's a bit frustrating to be honest. I have no actual idea what I'm doing - it took me a really long time to work out how to import my photos to Flickr!

As the days go by I'm picking up new skills - I found all my old photographs from a year ago, two years ago, three years ago... ten years ago. WHAT?! It's a bit scary when you find a photo of yourself, long haired and wearing old fishnet tights turned into gloves (by the power of a pair of scissors) on your arms with an expression on your face that could only suggest boredom or trying to be cool. I've never been cool - I embrace it. I like to think that I improve with age. But who knows? Maybe I've been cool all along and I refused to believe it. Either way, there are plenty of photos and plenty of memories, plenty of stories and plenty of head scratching moments to keep me busy for a very long time.

As for Lightroom, I didn't want to be 100% perfect at it straight away, because where would the fun be in being able to do it all within the first few minutes? I have no idea what a tonal curve is or why I have to click a dot on my photo before I can paint anything with the adjustment brush - but isn't that the point of not knowing some things? To try and work them out for yourself? If you don't stretch your brain every now and again and attempt to learn new skills there's not much point existing, if you ask me. Even if you sit in front of your laptop and shout out loud, "What am I doing? Don't do that! Stop! Help! Argh!"

I took the photo above last August. Me and a few friends went on a woodland walk together and we had a great time, mostly spent playing fetch with the dog. The place we chose to walk along was perfect for photos - lots of green leaves and perfect lighting in the shade. It was also quite overcast which is another bonus if you're after well lit photos. Sometimes harsh sunlight creates really bad shadows on your subject's face and it can be a bit difficult to see what you're doing with a camera in hand!

Looking back over the photos in the Library I decided to give these a quick edit with some presets in Lightroom (the one thing I have worked out and quite enjoy playing with!) - I might have also pushed some sliders up and down too. No idea what they do. But I'll find out.


I like the tones in this one - the ducks are happily swimming along (and I think they wanted bread from us, but we didn't have any... the one time I came here to feed ducks I'm pretty sure one died because it choked on a piece of bread and it couldn't quack - I still feel bad about it)


I've spent way too much time under the leaves of the trees here, sat on the bench, thinking, talking, laughing... This place has been visited so many times, since childhood, and it hasn't changed much since I first came here, in wellies and a waterproof, splashing in the shallow part of the pond and getting soaked, or stomping over the wooden bridge! It's funny what the memory can do for a girl... sometimes these things just come to me. Although the photo above looks badly focussed it's grown on me now, especially with an old school preset on top.

Looking at these photos has made me realise two things: I should keep going on adventures, and secondly, I should keep learning new skills. And keep waffling, on my blog.

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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