Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday Words: Did It Again

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I did it again this week. And the week before. I've had an utterly vile cold that left me voiceless and croaky for a week or so - yesterday I decided to venture outside for the first time in two weeks, and after spending my Saturday and Sunday in last weekend, feeling like death (and having the shopping delivered - which all went really well apart from when the Asda man forgot to deliver my chocolate buttons, only to discover they were hiding in one of the plastic bags. I only realised this when I asked him very nicely if I could squeeze his bags before he went...) it was genuinely exciting. I even wore my new awesome top from LTS! (red and white Breton stripey number, if you're wondering)

I don't know how anyone can go shopping with me. I walk around looking for silly things, and point them out, and laugh at them. I overheard a young boy shouting to his Mum in Tesco that there were "MORE AMAZING OFFERS THIS WAY, MUMMY!" which made me snigger childishly.

On the way to Asda (we like to double dip our shopping and visit both Tesco and Asda to get all the good bargains) there was a huge traffic jam. My nose, still fairly blocked up, felt a bit painful, so I... kind of... picked it... hoping no one was watching. Of course, the traffic was blocked both lanes, wasn't it, so I'm pretty certain a load of people saw me. Damn.

In Asda we went for a quick browse around the clothes, and decided to try some stuff on. On the way into the changing rooms, there was a family waiting around, looking at the floor. "Oh, look at that huge spider," the Mum commented. I looked to the floor, and there it was, a huge spider, strolling around, up and down. A toddler, with his dummy in his mouth, sucking it with gusto, was looking concerned at the spider. "He's a bit scared," said the Mum. "Oh, well, don't be scared my friend," I said to the little boy. "He's bigger than you." The little boy stared up at me, eyes widening.

"And, if you want, you can always do this."

I stamp my foot on the floor, squashing an imaginary spider.

The Mum laughed, and the little boy looked surprised, and amazed. After trying my clothes on, I spotted the little boy outside, still looking for the spider. I wonder if he'll stamp on the next spider he sees.

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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