Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Words: Cake, and then some

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I've eaten too much cake this week. I know, what a shame, what a hardship etc...

It all started on Monday, when a chocolate brownie turned up upon my desk. Shall I, shan't I? I pondered at the small cube of chocolatey goodness. Shall I? Why not! I ate the chocolate brownie, taking in its cakey texture (rather than a harder denser structure like you would normally expect from a brownie, this was a delicious surprise) and the hidden pecans studded throughout. The taste lingered on for a good ten minutes afterwards. Mmmm. I love a surprise bit of cake.

On Tuesday I ate a Rice Krispie Square. A Totally Chocolatey one. I love Rice Krispie Squares, when it's half past ten and you're half past hungry I'd eat one of these immediately. The chocolate flavour is nice, like a Rice Krispie cake you'd make as a child, but it's also filled with chocolate chunks and drizzled with chocolate icing on top too. It's not 100% perfect (it does have a bit of a cheap chocolate taste to it - would love to see a Dairy Milk flavour) but it's perfectly yummy all the same. Also, if I had to choose a favourite Rice Krispie Square flavour it would probably be the original in a blue wrapper. Marshmallow. Oh god, GIVE IT TO ME.

On Wednesday I ate mini Stroopwafels. I bought these on a whim, because whenever I pay a visit to Tenby I make sure to pick up some Welsh toffee waffles, you know, the type that are as big as your face and come in a packet of six? A good friend of mine sent me some last year as a present and I was forever grateful - not only were there the packet of six, there was also a small bag of mini Stroopwafels too. So when I stumbled across the mini Stroopwafels in Asda I picked some up and had a handful alongside my lunch. And in other unrelated news, you do know if you have the original massive toffee waffles and make yourself a hot chocolate, you can always rest the toffee waffle on top of your cup and let the toffee melt a bit. Oh my. Heaven!

On Thursday I had four cakes. A Rice Krispie Cake, some more Stroopwafels, and then I was gifted a slice of vanilla sponge with chocolate ganache topping. The vanilla cake was perfectly moist, soft and light, and the chocolate topping was beautiful - glossy, shiny and set just right. I wasn't expecting more cake after that, given that I had had three portions that day, but then something else rather wonderful happened. I was given a chocolate macaron! How I didn't scream with excitement, I don't know, given that I've always wanted to try a macaron (another one ticked off the bucket list) - but it was totally worth it. Think of a meringue, only chewier, flatter and rounder, flavoured with chocolate (or lemon or rose petals or pretty much anything you like) - made into a sandwich with chocolate buttercream. Basically it was everything I wanted it to be although I still had a few meringue crumbs lingering about in my mouth after I ate it which was a bit unpleasant, but still. I ATE A MACARON.

On Friday I had a Victoria Sponge. Not all to myself, although if it was a perfect world... Anyway, it was a Victoria Sponge and it was delicious. Light, moist, fluffy, filled with buttercream and strawberry jam. I have no idea how I've got through this week so far without anything sweet being a part of it. I seriously cannot believe my luck!

On Saturday... I didn't have anything sweet. BOO. But I did make dark chocolate chip cookie dough. YAY. I left it to chill in the fridge overnight, where I will be baking off half and freezing the rest for a later date. (the day where I want to bake but my back hurts, or I can't be bothered, or zombies) I added two teaspoons of sea salt to the mixture to make it dark chocolate chips with sea salt. I kind of cleaned the bowl afterwards though. I hope it's not too salty. But still, two good teaspoons of cookie dough sorted me out for the rest of the day, before I found myself scoffing Haribo in front of the telly.

On Sunday... I decided to be good and just eat sensible food, like roast dinner and Fruit Loops and lentil daal. I'm shaking from the sugar withdrawal already. Diet starts Monday.

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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