Thursday, 25 October 2012

Eat: Nuts by Salty Dog

Mmmm... nuts! I adore them - toast spread thickly with peanut butter, handfuls of peanuts at Christmas or a party buffet, prising apart pistachios (and finding a suitable vessel to put the shells afterwards) and just filling my face with them! I can't help it - I really should have been born a squirrel... So when I was recently given the opportunity to try a new range of nuts from the team at Salty Dog, I jumped at the chance!

Salty Dog sent me a huge selection of their different flavours and when I opened the parcel I may have danced around my kitchen a little!

Salty Dog goodies

Nuts, by Salty Dog

I could barely wait to open them, so about a day after receiving the parcel I dug in and tried the first flavour, Honey Roasted Peanuts.

Honey Roasted is usually quite a sweet flavour - they don't call it that for nothing! These nuts are no exception, as well as being roasted in honey, they are also given a coating of sugar. Which makes for very, very sweet peanuts! They are such a difference from the honey roasted peanuts I've tried in the past - they would be amazing as a topping for vanilla ice cream!

I loved these so much a bit later on I opened up the next flavour, Dry Roasted Peanuts. These are so, so incredibly delicious. If you're not a big fan of very salty peanuts these are for you - they have a lovely flavour, very savoury and intense without being completely overpowering. They went down very well with me and as I write I'm contemplating finishing the second packet I have...

Nuts, by Salty Dog

I then remembered my camera and took photos of the next flavour, Salted Cashews. Cashews are amazing - for a brief moment I forgot whether or not they were shelled and went looking for a bowl to put the empty shells in, but opening the bag soon answered my question - onto the cashews: the salt is light (which I liked - sometimes too much salt can be a bit overpowering!) and the cashews are beautifully rich with a slight fruity aftertaste. I liked the cashews!

Nuts, by Salty Dog

My next packet of Salty Dog were the Chilli Peanuts! I got the bowl out and poured them straight in. They are coated in paprika and flavoured with real chillis and garlic, and I was brave enough to try them without a glass of water to hand... wow! These are definitely hot and spicy! If you love hot chilli sauce you will really enjoy these - after a few minutes the aftertaste becomes more mild - like a chilli con carne. I'd say these would be a great addition to a party buffet (although do tell your guests the flavour first...)

Nuts, by Salty Dog

Finally, I gave the Salted Peanuts a whirl - and, like the other nuts I've tried so far, these were amazing - sometimes you just need salted peanuts, and these are ace! The quality of the peanuts are perfect, sometimes when you buy a bag of peanuts the skin often gets left on them and it can sometimes put you off - with the Salty Dog nuts I've not seen a single peanut with a bit of peanut skin left on them, which ensures a really tasty peanut. The salt-to-peanut ratio is also spot on. I seriously enjoyed eating these!

Overall I really enjoyed tasting the Salty Dog nuts - I'd like to say a huge thank you to Salty Dog for giving me the chance to taste test their products for free! (all opinions are my own though, and I wasn't paid to write this review - standard review disclaimer there)

You can find out more about Salty Dog here - they sell popcorn and crisps too, and can be found nationwide...

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