Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: October 2012

October?! Already? Time just keeps ticking and I swear it wasn't long since the last time I did one of these! October wasn't a bad month, I spent the majority of it waiting to have a week off, which I did, and I LOVED IT. I've caught up on a lot of sleep, chilled out and had a couple of nice long walks. I then, stupidly, wanted to use my Wii Fit, and realised I had no batteries in the remote. Cue me using some batteries which originally lived in the balance board. So all I could do was the jogging. Three short laps and a long lap later and I was feeling a bit tired and a bit bored of running! [/random story]

Let's get on with this month, shall we?


Inspiration: Here are my new favourite Post-It notes, made by Knock Knock and sold on Amazon. I had to get these. I am completely the opposite of passive aggressive, well, at least I hope so, and I've been using them sparingly. On Friday I left one for my brother to turn the heating off. I ticked Do This and Or We're All Doomed. And always, ALWAYS, Thanks So Much.


Something I Made: I made this lovely necklace. Okay, it's not perfect (I knotted it at the top) but I love the combo of turquoise and leopard print. It works really well with my favourite Breton stripey top.


Cosy: Here are my slippers. I think I need some new ones as they're wearing a bit at the toe, but I love them as they're so warm! And they are boots so I won't fall over in them if I need to run for the door or the telephone or whatever. Father Christmas, or my family or friends, if you're reading, a new pair of slippers would be amazing please! :D


Supplies: 50p packet of glitter tubes, courtesy of Asda. You'd be surprised but glitter is quite a popular prop in photography now - go outside, tip a bit in your model's hands, stand in a sunny spot and get them to throw it up in the air (or ask them to blow it towards you) - while taking the photo, obviously! It comes out incredibly well and I hope to try it when there's a nice sunny day.


Motif - Halloween: Here's my two pumpkins. I carved them on Sunday afternoon. I was exhausted. I forget every year just how much work goes into it. Cutting the lid off, scooping the insides into a suitable bowl, throwing said insides into the correct recycling bin, going back in for round two, carving the shapes (by the way, why can I never get my knife to go in the right direction? And just how many people have been rushed to hospital with pumpkin carving injuries?) and then leaving them out to dry. I'M EXHAUSTED ALREADY! For anyone who wants to know what they look like, swing by on Halloween and I should have a picture up ready.

Thanks guys - I look forward to seeing everyone's entries!

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