Sunday, 14 October 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt Favourites: September 2012

Hi everyone!

Many apologies for taking so long to do the favourites post for this month, I've enjoyed seeing everyone's photos and it's going to be a bit tricky deciding so I have a bag of chocolate Buttons to help me out as I write!


Something I Made: Starla over at Cinders & Rain made a leaf mobile inspired by the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess. I love the colours - very autumnal and very pretty!


Inspiration: Emma at The Gift Shed went to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour and snapped a photo of one of the props used in the films! (the whole tour looks brilliant, having seen photos I think I'd really enjoy it!)


Doodles and Drawings: Sally at Diario took a photo of the book she co-wrote! Congratulations Sally!


Season's Change: Margot at Tulsi Crafts took a photo of strawberry leaves - I like this photo because of the perspective and the blue sky with a couple of clouds.


Motif: Music - Ruth at The Goldhawk Project took a photo of a red guitar. I love the striking colour and the focus and the details on it.

This month's CPSH is being hosted by Jeneveve over at Timballoo - so if you haven't already been over to see the topics list, pop along and say hi if you fancy joining in this month!

Thanks everyone, and see you next month!

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