Friday, 19 October 2012

Adventures: A Social Media Free Week

Sunset, last night

I had a thought last night. The type of thought that hits you just as you fall asleep.

"Rach?" my brain said. "Yes...?" I replied. "You know you said on your Day Zero list that you wanted to stay logged out of Facebook for a week?" "Oh... that..." I thought, weary, as I was almost asleep. "You should do it. Give it a try." Suddenly it clicked with me. I began to think about all of the times I've been chained to my laptop, bored, hanging around on Facebook out of boredom. All the random updates and pictures from my mobile. I'd see or hear something cool and then update the world about it, instead of savouring that moment, enjoying it. I'd realised just how reliant I'd become on technology and how maybe, just maybe, a detox from social media might just be the break I need. Rather than becoming bored I'd do stuff I've been putting off. I'd use paper and pen and write to friends, take more photos and go for plenty more walks. I feel bad for saying this but I've read barely any books lately, in fact, for a good year or so. I used to love reading! What the hell has happened to me?!

That's it, I decided last night. I am detoxing for a week.

The Plan.

I will be logged out of Facebook for a week. I will not be updating my statuses or uploading photos, or reading other people's statuses.

I will only upload my Daily Snap project photos to Facebook, but remotely, via Lightroom's Facebook preset. No need for me to log on!

To avoid temptation I will be moving the bookmarks into a folder well hidden. I will hide the app on my phone into the area I don't go into (the second swipe screen) and change the notifications to show none - it will be dead to me!

I will switch my phone off at night and when I don't need it.

I will log back in next Sunday, the 28th October!

I will find new things to do without Facebook - and minimise my time on the computer. And I will be blogging about my progress here, on the blog.


I AM CRAZY, RIGHT?! I know, this is insane. But on the other hand I tick off a goal and learn what life is actually like without social media. I want to try it the old school way. I mean, we all did it before Facebook, right? I think it will be fairly pleasing not to have new notifications flash up on my phone as there will be nothing there to feed my curiosity!

It starts from tomorrow morning. I have no idea how I will cope. But I'll give it my best shot! Besides, I have a lot planned for this next week so get ready to hear a lot more from me!

Have you done something like this before? If so, how did it go? Any tips or advice? I can't wait to hear from you!

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