Saturday, 20 October 2012

Adventures: A Social Media Free Week, Day One

Tenby 2012

Day one is nearly behind me of my Social Media Free Week... and how do I feel right now? Actually... nothing.

I don't feel bad, desperate to log on, or in any way anxious about leaving Facebook for the week. Last night I shoved the bookmarks into a folder, hid my icons onto the second swipe screen and went to bed, happily. I got up this morning, and instead of my usual lying-in-bed-iPhone-in-hand-on-Facebook routine, I finished off a glossy magazine I'd been given by a friend to read instead. Albeit I woke up with my usual Saturday morning hangover head (not caused by drinking, mind, just tiredness) but after two headache tablets, a quick flick on my phone (checking my emails and Instagram - one tool I will be keeping with me this week for Daily Snap project purposes ONLY) and some breakfast, I headed into the shower and got dressed.

Now usually, I would have been flicking onto Facebook on my phone whilst getting dressed but today I just looked at the Met Office app instead... for weather purposes. It's for a project I'm brewing up and so far the weather just isn't playing ball. I wrote a short list last night of stuff I need to do in the next week or so and taking a long exposure shot of the night sky is one of them. Come on, weather!

I felt a bit lost this morning trying to click straight on the Facebook app when it had disappeared off my screen, and I just couldn't click it any more. But, ah, what the hell. We nipped out to run errands for a bit, myself wearing my new boyfriend beanie from ASOS. My hat kept falling down over my eyes, and I looked a bit daft, which obviously meant I was going to bump into everyone I know. Where was Facebook when I wanted to tell everyone about how daft I looked in public? And when I went food shopping, where was Facebook when I wanted to tell everyone about the chutney with a slightly rude name?

Oddly enough, the whole time I was out shopping and doing stuff, I felt a weird sense of calm, almost relief, there was no urgent feeling to check my Facebook the moment I got back to the car for example, or when we came back home. It felt like a weight was lifted off me, and the addiction was no longer there.

Coming home, I realised that yes, I did need to log on. But did I? Nope. I looked at everything else but Facebook. I took my Daily Snap photo and uploaded it remotely via Lightroom. Then I realised by about half an hour of being on the computer I was extremely bored. And I still am. But I feel happier. Chilled out, like I'm on holiday.

I'll let you know how I feel after a good night's sleep!

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