Monday, 10 September 2012

Adventures: Four Simple Goals, with A Beautiful Mess


I love A Beautiful Mess! It's one of my favourite blogs stuffed to the rafters with excellent crafty goodies - from dress making to pie baking, there's a tutorial there for anyone, and tons of beautiful photography to feast your eyes on, so when I found out about the Four Simple Goals Before 2013, I knew I had to take part! The idea is simple: Four easy goals to accomplish before the year is out, with a well deserved reward at the end of each one. And I for one have things I know need doing... so, I'm going to be documenting them here for you all. You know I need a good adventure or two to keep my brain fresh and inspired...

My goals are, in no particular order:

1. Make a curry from scratch. It needs to be suitable for batch cooking and freezing, and also tasty, too. A friend of mine has passed on a recipe for me to try out so I will be gathering the ingredients and giving it a bash.

2. Visit the local farm shop. It's been there longer than my years and I've seen it every time we've driven past it, and wistfully thought to myself, We should go in there one day. After a brief Google I've discovered that the farm shop also has a huge field filled with goats and sheep and pigs, and trailer rides too, so it looks like a must do on my list!

3. Walk the local art trail. It's several miles long and culminates in a big hill with a massive sculpture of a chair on top of it but the photo opportunities along the way are amazing. Plus if it involves a nice bit of fresh air and a change of scenery, I'm well up for it.

4. Turn those leopard print beads into a necklace. I bought some gorgeous leopard print beads from Fred Aldous last year and they've been sitting in the drawer untouched. Some blog browsing later and I've earmarked a great project to turn them into a simple, easy necklace that I'd happily wear day after day.

Are you up for Four Simple Goals Before 2013? Pop along to A Beautiful Mess for more details!

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