Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday Words: Random Moments

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Tenby 2012

I saw this little soul sat in the RNLI lifeboat on holiday. What on earth is a cat doing sat in the cockpit, I thought to myself, surely he's a bit warm? And what about when he wakes up? I hope they know there's a cat in there! I carried on thinking to myself, a bit startled by my discovery. I decided to take a photo anyway, using my zoom lens. It was only a cuddly toy! In fact, legend has it that the lifeboat inspector once let a cat in on the boat to try and catch the crew out when they performed their checks. The cat then had kittens, which the crew caught their inspector out with...

Tenby 2012

Walking along the harbour got me being creative with my camera, leaning against the harbour wall and looking out to sea, we stood and watched the gulls gliding along with ease. "So, where do they put their feet when they're flying?" I ask, aloud. "Eh?" my family ask. "You know, when they're flying, they have no feet!" A slight pause while some more seagulls fly past us. "I'm serious!" Answers on a postcard, please...

Tenby 2012

I took this photo with both feet firmly in the water. It was cold, really cold, but also refreshing too, as it was both very clammy, and silly me, I'd managed to get a bit of sunburn on my arms the day before! (which is why I was thankful for the mini rainstorm during our walk to the corner shop for a sandwich) I kicked off my Keds, hitched up my linens, threw off my bunting socks and jumped right into the water. Oh boy! I resisted the urge to shout a little, not just because of the freezing temperatures, but because I'd made it. It didn't matter that it was cloudy. Neither that it was cold, either. It mattered to me because for the past three visits I'd made, I hadn't dipped my feet in the water for unknown reasons. But here I was, both feet in, taking a few steps further every time a wave came, consciously, and cautiously. I guess you could say the exact same thing about life, and opportunities really. You either jump the wave, or you swim back to shore. Your call. But here I was, in Amroth, feet drenched, living the dream. At that exact moment, I knew I was home.

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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