Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday Words: A Bear's Tale

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I was going to write something this week, but instead I've allowed my bear to write a little something. He's not quite adept with the keyboard, especially since he doesn't have opposable thumbs, but I thought as Sir Warmheart and the boys get so much airtime on my Instagram they deserve their own little bit of time here too... so, take it away, Sir Warmheart, Boo, and the Clarence twins!

Bear in a box

Hi, I'm Sir Warmheart. I don't mean to look miserable all the time, it's just the way they made me. I like sitting on the bed, and staring at the ceiling. I also like providing wisdom and keeping the other boys in check. The Clarences are a right handful: they're forever play fighting, rolling around on the chair and jumping off the bed! Boo likes to smile a lot and sit on the pillow... it was my favourite spot, but not no more! My owner decided to put me in this box a while back, it scared me because I thought she was packing me away to every bear's least favourite place, The Attic! It turns out she likes climbing into boxes and wanted me to share in the fun too. (Once I knew that I was well happy, although she could have told me sooner!) Apparently, I was meant to be a heat pad, destined to warm up in the microwave forever more, but that would be cruel (and besides, they've yet to find a microwave that can hold me) and my owner knows better than that. Or does she...?


Oh, I sometimes like to do a bit of breakdancing! I can almost do a headspin, you know. Except she walked in on me trying to get into my groove... and I lost it.

The bears take over

And this is the time the Clarences got rowdy and started shouting "Waheeeeeeeeey!" and leaning all over me. Those two are quite frankly barking. Which brings me onto Boo...


The World's Cutest Dog.

Just chilling!

The itteh bitteh welcoming commiteh.

Boo came to live with us in May - he arrived by post, in a box! I remember when the box was opened and Boo was lifted out... you could hear the shrieking from a mile away! (I had to cover my ears and look miserable) He took to sitting on the desk for the first few days as he couldn't quite get comfortable, but he soon became one of the gang, and now he loves sitting on top of the pillow, barking, smiling and basically being adorable. He's a happy little chap, no trouble at all, and extremely soft...


We're bears, and we mean business.

Clarence the Hen

The Clarences on the other hand like climbing on top of one another, singing loudly, jumping on the bed (and off the bed) and basically causing trouble! I just hope one day they settle down as they are so incredibly lively... but I know it won't happen any time soon. The day it does will be a quiet one!

A message from the bears

And finally... we made a sign. This is for anyone having a bad day or a bad week or what have you. Hang in there, mate!

So... there you have it. This is Sir William of Warmheart, signing off, for The Awesome Lady.

Thanks, Sir Warmheart! I didn't realise I had such a loud voice... oops!

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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